Oct 3, 2011

HydraFull Gloss review - beautiful and glossy lips!

When Anastasia of Beverly Hills approached me to do a review on their lip gloss of course I said yes! I received their amazing HydraFull Gloss in the mail and I was one happy girl. I'm now in love with a gloss that maximizes and maintains my lip's hydration and fullness.
I love the lip gloss because it's not overly sticky like most lip glosses. It has the perfect amount of moisture and just a tint of color. The wand that you use to apply the lip gloss is easy to use and it results in smooth and shiny lips. I took a picture of my lips to show you how it looks:
As you can see it is very natural and shiny, just the way I like it. It has the perfect tint of color for an all natural day when you want to feel beautiful but not exactly all glammed up for an outing.
Here's a better look of the lip gloss - you can see how natural and lovely it is! By the way, notice how my hair is finally growing out - hooray!

But back to the review - I'm always interested in learning what exactly is in a gloss. This is what is in Anastasia's gorgeous gloss: Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and their exclusive Balkan Botanical® Infusion. {no wonder it feels great on my lips!}

Here's one more close up and please ignore the circles under my eyes. That is what staying up late and writing during late hours will do to you! ;)

So I'd definitely encourage you to try their lip gloss. I just love lip glosses of any kind. You'll always find a bunch of lip gloss in my bathroom and I have a vintage glass holder on my dresses holding the lip gloss I put on before I head to bed. Yes, I'm that obsessed.

Have any lip gloss that you're loving lately? 

Hope you are having a good week Ocean Dreamers!


  1. This lipgloss is beautiful on you, Sierra! I wish I had your full lips. :)

  2. Love the lip gloss!! Super cute blog!!! How did you add the buttons at the top?...like Home, My Journey, Creative Services, and so on? :)

  3. The lip gloss looks amazing on you!

  4. Thank you so much for the infor girly! You're so sweet!! I am definintely going to get the buttons soon and will let you know when I do so that you can take a look :)

    Thanks so much again you helped a lot! I hope you have a lovely week too! :D xo

  5. ohh it looks so luscious. I do like glossy lips. Especially when it's not sticky.

    And your hair is looking great!

  6. Pretty lip gloss! I was using one from benefit I really liked. Popping in to wish you a happy fall!

  7. This gloss looks lovely. I am still a Neutrogena kinda girl...but this may be something I'm going to try soon. :)

    Thanks for sharing girl.

  8. I received the Versatile Blogger award and I am passing it along to you! You can pick it up and read the rules here: http://babyfeetandpuppybreath.blogspot.com/

  9. i love it! and it looks fab on you!

    i am still using nars orgasm, but i might be in need of a change sooner or later! ;)

  10. it does look great! I love how light it is!


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