Oct 23, 2011

preparing for your winter wedding - guest post by Vera

I can't believe that fall time is here and that means winter is even closer. I know some bloggers are currently planning a wedding and after reading this post I am almost tempted to get married {one day} during the winter! It all sounds very romantic, warm, and charming. Read Vera's guest post and let me know what season you want your wedding to be in. ;)


Preparing for Your Winter Wedding
Winter weddings can create a wonderland of magic and beauty for a bride and groom and their guests. Events in December and January can use Mother Nature’s own decorations to make this special day one to remember. Preparing for winter nuptials can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! 

One of the most important decisions a bride and groom can make regarding a wedding is the location. For a winter wedding, it's a charming to pick a nice cottage, inn or lodge. These locations often offer a warming ambiance and are prefect during the winter months. One thing to consider is heating. How will your guests stay warm and toasting before, during and after the ceremony? Some cottages, inns or lodges are old and don’t have sufficient heating for large groups. Check with any venue you’re looking into for your wintery wedding and ensure your guests will be comfortable.  

Brides and grooms should be prepared that the location of their dreams may not be available on their big day. Many large parties and events are held during the holiday season, so make sure to book your event well in advance. Weddings are now becoming more popular on Fridays, so don’t rule that option out if your location isn’t available when you want. 

Winter nuptials before Christmas may mean that locations are decorated for the holidays. If this isn't in your color palette you’ll want to ask if decorations can be removed for the evening. Flower choices for winter weddings can be limited because of the time of year as well. Different flowers are available depending on the area and while flowers can be shipped in from out of State, storms and icy roads could potentially delay these deliveries on the big day. Silk flowers are always a stand in for basically any flower. 

Food and Beverages
Incorporating the foods and beverages of the season can make a winter wedding stand out from all the others. Meals can include foods that are a bit more hearty and will fill guests up like soups, stews and steaks. Beverages after dinner can include hot chocolate, coffee and even egg nog. A festive menu can be cheery for all!

Remember Traveling Guests
When it's time to mail out invitations remember to include information for guests that will prepare them for any potential travel delays or problems. December and January are very busy months for travel as people make their way home for the holidays. Suggest that any out of town guests plan accordingly by making travel plans a good deal ahead of time and also book their hotel early too. Allowing for a few extra days in town can also prevent guests from missing the wedding if a storm hits and there are flight or road delays. These are just a few of the ways you can plan now for your wintery wedding.  

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About the Author

Vera is an active freelance writer and is currently planning her winter wedding. She also writes at Tungsten World tungsten wedding bands.


Thanks for the guest post Vera, a wintery wedding sounds very magical!


  1. I always wanted a summer wedding, but this post is making me want a winter wedding. I would love to get married in the snow!

  2. love it. a winter wedding sounds lovely. i think im doing fall next year. dont think i can get the California folk here in winter. lol!

  3. I have never attended a winter wedding but I have always wanted to! It seems it would be so magical... and I think of all the glamorous and dramatic colours and textures that could be incorporated. Beautiful post!


  4. I love winter weddings! I went to one and I thought it was so romantic.

  5. I never thought of a winter wedding but seeing these pictures and then the location?! YES, absolutely...I would go for a winter wedding now!

  6. I think a big portion of the appeal of winter weddings is that anything that brings warmth (be it physical or emotional) has a noticeably amplified experience in it. And that would definitely bring a smile on the face when one grows old and reminiscing.

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