Oct 31, 2011

Save for the Holidays with an Affordable No Contract Phone Plan by NET10

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Hi Ocean Dreamers!

Looking for a way to cut back on your cell phone bill before the holidays arrive?

If you’re tied up in a contract you might consider other alternatives. You can invest in a pay as you go phone plan without paying $100 plus a month. Instead spend your extra money per month on a new outfit or a fun meal out! So…want to know all about NET10 and how it works?

It looks like a pretty sweet deal because you get nationwide coverage and unlimited talk, text, and data, only for $50 a month. It's great for businesses that are looking to cut back on their bills. Instead of them having to pay extra funds for their employees every month, they can give their employees a limit and a budget.

Another idea is that if a family member needs a pay as they go phone plan, NET10 is ideal. They don't have to feel obligated to pay for an expensive phone plan every single month. They can pay as they go and not worry about the extra costs involved.

I love that NET10 does not have a contract because phone plans almost always have a fee that you have to pay when canceling your contract. It's inconvenient and frustrating when you have to buy your way out of a contract. Investing in a pay as you go plan is a lot easier than dealing with expensive costs!

So if you look on their website, you'll discover instructions re-worked by me:

  • Buy and activate your NET10 phone.
  • Test your NET10 phone (but a ring tone or something fun!)
  • Buy an airtime card to keep track of your services.
  • Keep track of your airtime minutes and buy new airtime when needed.

Monthly plans include:

  • Monthly Plans:

    • The Easy Minutes Plus plan is an automatic minutes plan that starts at $15.00 for 200 minutes.

    • With Pay-As-You-Go Plans, your minutes carry over with active service.

    • Unlimited Minutes, Text and Web for $50.00/month.

    • Switch between plans each month to suit your budget and airtime needs, without penalties or fees.

    • Airtime can be purchased online, at a nearby store, or directly from your phone.


  • International Long Distance - long distance service is available!
  • If you are worried about buying a new phone, they are actually really affordable!

Phone Selection:

• Purchase a simple phone for simple needs, calling and texting capabilities for under $15.00

• Purchase a phones with essential features, such as camera, video recorder, blue tooth capability, mobile web and more for under $40.00

  • A Real NET10 customer is very pleased with NET10. What Rob has to say about Net10 is only positive. Many other customers recommend NET10 too - see why they recommend it! Watch the YouTube video below.


  • They are on Facebook and Twitter - go find them and connect with them if you have more questions!

Saving for the holidays is a fantastic idea.

So why not start now?

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