Oct 14, 2011

what I've been up to & Seal Beach shooting

Hi Ocean Dreamers,


Here are some quick updates for you:

  • I'm still in CA and will be leaving over the weekend. BK and I have been having a wonderful time ocean dreaming, eating yummy food, catching up, and celebrating our birthdays! 
{picture of Manhattan Beach at sunset where BK and I went walking}
  • I saw my bestie Selma and we went to a pumpkin patch! It was so much fun and I'll be posting more pictures during the weekend with a new post about it as well.
  • I also saw my lady love Ali. We had yummy yummy Mexican food and caught up on everything! 
  • I've come down with a cold! For some reason my sinuses always get out of wack so unfortunately I either have a cold or another sinus infection, yuck. I'm going to have to pump my body full of Vitamin C and Grape Fruit Seed Extract (which really works by the way!)
  • BK and I were in the area during the Seal Beach shooting on the 12th. We weren't right by the salon where it happened but we were eating lunch near by (within walking distance) and walked around to see what was going on. It was truly heart breaking to see people's reactions up close since we were right there. They blocked off the entire area off and closed down the businesses near the salon. BK and I go to this area to eat ALL of the time. It is only a few blocks away from his apartment so it really affected us. I don't think people understand how nice of a community Seal Beach is. It's a really close knit community and crime HARDLY ever takes place here so it's really sad that a crime like this had to take place. 
  • These poor people who were shot and killed were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 8 people were killed by a man who clearly needed help for being enraged at his ex. I really wish he would have gotten help before he couldn't take it anymore. It's interesting because from everything I've read he seemed like such a kind person prior to the shooting and then all of a sudden just snapped. Do you know he was even considered a hero for trying to save a young woman's life in a boating accident years ago? Then everything went down hill as he tried desperately to hold on to his son and regain the use of his legs. I know he's a killer but I can't help but feel sad for a man who couldn't deal with the hardships that came his way.
  • Let's pray for healing for this community. While BK and I were walking around the taped off area at the scene of the crime there was a woman who said her mother was in the salon. My heart beat faster as I envisioned how I would have felt not knowing if my mom was dead or alive. Imagine knowing your loved one is in the salon but you don't know if they were killed or not. That would be gut wrenching and it made me sick to my stomach realizing the amount of pain that this woman was in. I would be out of my mind with worry for my mom or a loved one. Plus they didn't release the names to the family members for quite some time because they had to identify the bodies first. My heart was just aching for the family members that I saw were gasping for air near the salon shortly after the shooting.
  • If you've read this thanks for listening. Because I was there when it happened I feel connected to the accident even though I didn't know anyone who was murdered (thank God!) but my heart still goes out to the community. A beautiful community full of ocean dreams did not deserve this. I know God is there wrapping His arms around them. God did NOT cause this, He just allowed this to happen due to sin in the world. He has a greater purpose for everything, including horrible acts by human beings. 
  • I know the Seal Beach community will take the little boy who was involved in the custody battle into their arms and care for him. I just wish he didn't have to lose his father (the killer) and his mother on the same day. Poor sweet child. May the actions of his father and the death of his mother not define who he becomes. May be learn from this but not be consumed with guilt, anger, or hurt like his father was. I only pray that God touches his heart and that healing begins to take place, even at a tender age of 8. I pray that healing begins for everyone involved and especially those who lost a loved one. 
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  • One more update: I decided to update my URL again. First time I changed my mind due to not wanting to lose my ranking (didn't want it to affect my work, etc.) However, this time I'm keeping it - http://www.oceandreams4sierra.com. The blog will redirect if you still have my blogspot address in your Readers.
Have a blessed weekend!

Let's remember to cherish life because you never know when it may end.



  1. This was such a touching post. I agree with you about empathizing with everyone involved, including the killer. He must have been out of his mind to do what he did, and so tormented. I'll say a prayer for everyone, especially the little boy who lost both his parents. He'll need some miracles.

  2. This is so sad. I am in France and kinda heard about it, but not that much. I ache for the families involved, I don't know if there is anything worse. But your perspective is a good one! Keep that up :)

  3. My heart broke when I hears about this shooting. Such a tragic event. I will be praying along with you for each of the families affected, especially the little boy that lost both parents that day.

  4. My heart is breaking after reading this post. I used to live about 20-30 minutes from seal beach/los AL and have a great freind that lives up there. I hadn't heard about the shooting yet. I agree that this only happens because of the sin in the world, and in no way would something like this happen in God's plan. It makes me sick to my stomach that that little boy loses both of his parents. I will start praying for those families of the lost loved ones.. So so sad.. :(

    on another note.. thanks for your comment on my blog! you are so sweet, and it really means the world to me! :)

  5. oh how sad. i just said a prayer for those families effected. my heart goes out to them.
    on a much happier note, thanks so much for joining my lil spot! :) that's so fun that you crochet too! isn't it so fun!? i'm sure you could easily make either one of those, they were super easy to make:) {i'm not a very experienced crocheter anyways!} tourqoise is one of my very favorite colors too!!
    so happy to have you! :)

  6. so so sad about that shooting. life is so fragile.

  7. How sad that you were there. Such a tragedy for that community. I am about 50 minutes from there and still feel like I am part of it. They are all in our prayers

  8. It's been an interesting week for ya, and so sad you are back home. :(

    Miss ya.

  9. the shootings broke my heart when i read about them over here. and just like you said, many people were in the wrong place at the wrong time...so unfortunate :(

  10. Its really touching and i really feel bad thinking about war.. all you out there how many of you want war in this world? Not a single one right?

    I dont know why do people do such things like WAR. Its of no good.


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