Nov 28, 2011

Are vitamins good or bad for you? Clearing up the myths

Happy Monday, or not, depending on your mood, ha ha.

I admit it's hard to get back into working mode...
but the good news is that Christmas 
will be here before we know it! 

In follow up to the guest health post by Heather, 
I've been thinking a lot about vitamins and 
how important it is to take care of your body in general.
I admit I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to taking vitamins. 
But, I'm here to remind you that's important to take care of your
body because it's the only one you have. 

Did you know that you might be lacking essential vitamins such as zinc,
calcium, iron, or even supplements such as 5htp and chondroitin?

You may not think of it now if you are in your twenties like me, 
but we will age and it will be harder to 
take care of our body as we age (losing weight, etc.)
Forming good habits now will help you (and me) maintain good
habits or form habits as you age and you'll remember to exercise,
eat the right foods, and take the right vitamins.

By the way, as I sit here typing this out to you
I'm snacking on chips. Yes, I know. 
This is a bit ironic since I'm talking about health.
But...don't judge because we all need 
to make improvements.

The question that has been on my mind for quite
sometime is: are vitamins good or bad for me?
I 've heard both opinions and I never know if
I should be loading up on vitamins or relying on
my daily food intake.

So I did a little research and discovered that taking
vitamins are actually good for you, in moderation of course.
Sometimes your body is deficient in different areas, such as 
calcium. A while ago I was actually told that I was deficient in calcium 
because I'm allergic to dairy. You can get blood work done
and they can tell you what you're deficient in.
Since then I've been taking calcium supplements.

I also discovered that Utah, during the winter time,
does not give you as much Vitamin D as you should have
since it snows more and there is less light. So - I've also
been taking Vitamin D when I'm in UT and not CA.

Different vitamins provide different benefits, 
but combining a good diet rich (good foods are sooo important!)
with the right vitamins and minerals
keeps you strong, energetic, and healthy.
They are essential for the body to function properly 
and without adequate vitamins you may encounter
health problems down the road.

So why does our culture say vitamins are bad for us?
Well, some people may be taking too many vitamins
or don't know the appropriate vitamins to take.
Or, they may be relying on vitamins for all of their nutrition
instead of taking the time to eat
their fruits, veggies, protein, and more.

If you're ever in doubt consult a nutritionist or 
ask your doctor. Or...head to a vitamin shop and quiz
the people there. I've learned so much just by asking questions!

So...have you heard people say that vitamins are bad
when they are actually good for you?

Do you take vitamins? 

I hope this cleared up some of the myths for you!
Happy vitamin taking! :)

Nov 26, 2011

I dream of eating healthy and enjoying it! - guest post by Heather

Hi Ocean Dreamers - I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Since it's that time of year to eat lots of tasty food, I think this guest post by Heather is available for us to read at good time. It's been hard for me to eat healthy lately - there's chocolate and tasty holiday treats everywhere! Not to mention I'm sure most of us are stuffed from Thanksgiving food. 

But, I'm going to try harder with eating healthy and these tips are going to help me (and hopefully you!)


If you’re wishing healthy eating were easier and more satisfying, you’re not alone. However, there are certain healthy foods that will make you feel downright fabulous. The key is to find healthful foods that appeal to your sense of indulgence and to learn how to prepare and serve healthy foods such that you feel like eating them is a privilege, not a chore.

Get Personal
The key to developing a successful healthy eating regimen is to tailor your menu to your specific taste. Perform an inventory of your favorite foods, listing everything you adore to eat (even the unhealthy stuff). From that list, come up with lists of comfort foods, daily dishes, special occasion dishes, and snacks.

Now identify what you love so much about each of these lists. Do you turn to salty, crunchy foods for snacks? Do you like bready foods when needing comforts? Do you love soups? Casseroles? Meat? Potatoes?

Get Practical
Now cross off everything on the list that is “bad for you”, and identify the foods you love that are healthy. Make sure those foods make the grocery list at least once a month. I like to use this list as my foundational list for every-week shopping. These items are my easy go-to healthy foods. They’re familiar and easy to remember to eat.

Invest in a Set of Excellent Cookbooks
To successfully switch your habits, you’re going to need some new recipes. Buy yourself several “healthy” recipe books that look tantalizing to you.

Now get out a cookbook and search for healthy alternative to the “bad” stuff on your list. You love crème brule? Search for a healthy alternative that will be sweet, creamy, and feel indulgent. Commit to trying these healthier recipes until you’ve successfully replaced most of the “bad” stuff on your list with “better” stuff.

Accessorize Extravagantly
Half of what makes a gourmet meal so luxurious is the presentation and description. The chef has prepared harivot verts (green beans) and truffles (mushrooms) on a bed of risotto (rice). Get the point? If you present your meals (and snacks) on smaller plates, with pretty garnishes and delectable drizzles of sauces or toppings, you’ll appreciate your healthy food more. Invest your time in decorating your food and then take your time appreciating it as you eat it. 

C’est Magnifique!
When you do decide to indulge in a “naughty” food, think like the Europeans do. Americans are notoriously into supersizing portions, whereas Europeans indulge in small portions of rich foods, eating more slowly than we do and savoring each bite. This is why the French can eat croissants, brie, and chocolate and still be rail thin.

Invest in teensy tiny desert and serving dishes (find beautiful pieces to make this work even better) and serve beautiful (but small) servings of rich foods. Dress them up so they look gorgeous, and enjoy the entire experience. Smell your food before you taste it. Let it sit in your mouth, and chew slowly. Pause between bites, and enjoy the mingling, changing flavors. Scrape every bit from the dish (perhaps with your finger!) and fully enjoy the experience.
If you get the right attitude about food, even healthy food can be indulgent. Bon appétit!  

Born and raised in North Carolina, Heather Green has worked as a fashion and beauty consultant as well as freelancing for various wedding, fashion, and health publications. She currently acts as the resident blogger for Online Nursing Degrees where she’s been researching online health care admin degrees as well as online medical transcription degrees.

Nov 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

There's so much to be grateful for today. Not only do I have this incredible life to be thankful for, but I've learned more about myself in one year than I ever thought was possible. This year has been the most eventful year for me so far in my 27 years. I wish I could say it was easy...but if everything was easy you would never have a rainbow to look forward it. Because after the rain comes a rainbow.

I've never mentioned this on my blog, but a year ago I was hospitalized and I was afraid that I wouldn't make it through. I'm so thankful that not only did I make it through the hardest time in my life,
but I came out of it even stronger. 

I'm thankful for God and his love.

I'm thankful that He gave me the inspiration and
courage to start my own freelance business.

{I have a name for my company and I'll be announcing it soon!}

I'm thankful that I recovered from being hospitalized
a year ago and am back to being me.

I'm thankful for my best friend and soul-mate; my BK.

I'm thankful for my mom, dad, and brother. My family. 
My confidants. The people who get me and make me laugh.

I'm thankful for my grandparents and that
I was able to spend extra time with them this year.

I'm thankful for some incredible friends.

I'm thankful that God gifted me 
with a few new friends this past year that I adore.

I'm thankful to be working with some outstanding clients.

I'm thankful for hopes and dreams.

I'm thankful for every single day, because you
never know when your days are numbered.

And of course, I'm thankful for you my readers and my bloggy friends.

Nov 22, 2011

little joys from the week...

Hi Ocean Dreamers!

I hope you are getting excited for the long Thanksgiving weekend - I am!
My family and I actually already celebrated Thanksgiving early 
(on Sunday) due to our crazy schedules. 
Now I'm kicking back and totally relaxing as well as doing
a few fun things with my Mom and Grandma.

What are you up to this long weekend?

There have been a few things that I've been loving and 
I thought I would do a little joys from the week post...
it's been a while since I've done my joyful post! ;)

I got a pedi and mani this week. 
I decided on sparkly silver nail polish!
 I saw Breaking Dawn and loved it!!
SPOIILERS: I thought they did a really good job with this movie. I loved seeing Bella and Edward grow up and bit and Bella make a decision to keep the baby even though she knows she will die. Edward shows more of his imperfect side, which is nice for a change, lol. He's still amazing of course. Jacob also never ceases to amaze me with his strong qualities and his willingness to sacrifice his tribe to save Bella.

My favorite parts in the movie?
Obviously the wedding scene. The raw emotions and nervousness shown on Bella's face were beautiful. I also loved the honeymoon...the location was gorgeous and the love scene was crazy sexy too. And the ending?! All I can say is WOW and I can't wait to see Bella as a vampire in the next film. Her eyes were gorgeous and I can't get over baby Renesmee in the movie. She's beautiful!! The book played Renesmee off kind of creepy in my opinion so it was nice to see the film make her appear more lovely.
Can't wait for Breaking Dawn Part II!!!!
I just bought my first Black Friday goodies.
I have to admit it was for myself.
I couldn't help myself! Lol.
Anyone else loving the color block fashion elements
that have come out lately?
The above dress is only $20 at Ruche and 
the below dress was only $15!

The sequel to Matched arrived 
in my mailbox, aka Crossed!
I'll be reading this book this weekend. Yay!

Today I'll be wrapping presents. 
I'm hoping to wrap some gifts like this picture, courtesy of my friend Pinterest.
I'm obsessed with the following 
Katy Perry music video:

I actually had Katy Perry tickets (really good ones) for today!! But...I sold them because I'm not in California right now. :( So instead I'm enjoying Katy's music videos. I love this one because the story that Katy portrays throughout the video is totally unlike the story I thought of when I heard the song. 
Be sure to watch the ending scene to see what I mean. 

Okay this is getting long! 
I'll be back on Thursday to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!!
Stay tuned for a fab giveaway too!

Nov 19, 2011

Improve your loved one's style via holiday shopping - guest post by Ash

Enjoy a guest post from the lovely Ash - here are some great gift ideas for the holidays!


With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about shopping for family members. Most people shirk their shopping responsibility by buying lame gifts that serve no purpose, but not the fashionista! If you are someone who loves to be stylish at all costs (pun intended), then read on for ways to share your love of haute couture with those who are a fashion faux pas in the making.  

My Mom Dresses Too Frumpy!
If you're anything like me, your mom undoubtedly has a wardrobe full of mom-jeans, tacky sweatshirts, and other questionable attire. After all, these were all the rage when she bought them, and we all know that fashions recycle themselves, right? Wrong! If your mom dresses like …well … a mom, then it's high time to break her out of her fashion rut. Buy her a few timeless classics, such as a chic turtleneck dress or a snazzy pair of knee-high boots, or stuff her stocking with a jewelry item that will encourage her to upgrade her wardrobe. After all, you can't very well wear a light-up reindeer sweatshirt with a glittering bauble, can you?  

My Dad is Stuck in the Seventies!
Does your dad still wear Wrangler jeans and wide ties? Bring him into the 21st century with a few stylish items, such as a leather jacket or a trendy shirt and tie combo. If your dad has a vast collection of ugly sweaters, replace them with a smart suit that would make any dad dapper. Finally, don't forget accessories! Whether you are looking for cuff links to go with his new suit, or a snazzy pair of aviator glasses, your dad will be sure to welcome an artistic touch to his wardrobe.  

My Sister Dresses Too Young for Her Age!
So, your sister is thirty, but dresses like she's twenty. Sound familiar? If you're tired of gazing at your sibling's cleavage, or want to show her that it's possible to be sexy while still maintaining her dignity, go for a wrap dress and a pair of heels, or a pencil skirt paired with a cashmere sweater. Alternately, you can buy her a soft wool shawl that will cover her up while still making her feel feminine. It is possible to cover every inch of skin while revealing every luscious curve, so be creative and teach your sister how!  

My Man Still Dresses Like He's in College!
If your man is perfect in every way, shape and form aside from his atrocious wardrobe, help him go from college boy to debonair man with a few thoughtful purchases. Swap his hoodies and T-shirts for a sharp sweater vest and button-down. If he is violently opposed to the preppy look, go casual with skinny cords and a hooded sweater. Is he all about comfort? Invest in a new pair of Converse sneakers, which — believe it or not — can still be worn with most casual outfits. If you are feeling particularly brave, or have a bad boy on your hands, look for anything black leather (jacket, boots, even some man-friendly accessories). Show him how suave he can look, and he'll be more likely to take you out for a night on the town!  

And What About Me?
Too often, you buy, buy, buy for your loved ones, only to receive paltry gifts from them. Why take the chance? While you're shopping for others, take the time to pamper yourself with a few necessities. Splurge on a new handbag, or buy those peep-toed pumps you've had your eye on. If you're feeling super indulgent, invest in a few luxurious wardrobe additions, such as a new sweater dress or velvet slacks (perfect for holiday parties).

As you can see, it's possible to improve your loved one's style impairments while satiating your desire to shop. The key is to know your family members' wants and needs, and to buy according to their taste, but also according to what is fashionable at the time. Don't give up on them, and they'll thank you for it!

Have a great weekend Ocean Dreamers!

Nov 17, 2011

Twilight fan link up - Breaking Dawn!!

1. Are you going to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight release?

Nope, I won't be making it to the midnight release, but I'll be going on Friday (tomorrow) for a 7pm showing! I'm dragging my mom with me because my girlfriend couldn't make it. I can't wait and I hope my mom likes it too because she hasn't seen any of the movies at all. 
2. Scene you're most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?

Doesn't this say enough? Lol.
3. Team Edward or Jacob?
Gah it's so hard to choose! I love both characters. Part of me wants Bella to be with Jacob but I also love her and Edward together. 

4. Favorite book in the Saga?

New Moon used to be my favorite...but I think the first book is my favorite just because we're introduced to all of the characters and learn all about them.

5. Favorite character in the series and why?
I think I like each character for different reasons. I like Jacob because I think he's just such a caring character and loves Bella so much. It's fun to see his character transformation throughout the series because he has such a huge transformation. We'll see how much he loves Bella in Breaking Dawn when he goes against his own tribe to protect her! Plus, if we are going to talk about physical built - Jacob wins hands down!! {Sorry Edward fans}

I'm a little bitter towards Edward when he leaves Bella during New Moon. However, he redeems himself because I understand his reasoning of wanting to keep her a mortal. 

6. Why do you love Twilight?

Who doesn't love Twilight?!

7. Are the books or movies better?

I like the books better, but I think the books are always better because they have more details and you get to hear the character's thoughts.

8. What do you dislike about the series?

Personally I think that Bella and Edward are too obsessed with each other. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic and yes I love great love stories, but Bella and Edward are a bit over the top. I could go on and on about this...but for our youth I think this gives them a bad example. Love is supposed to be healthy...not obsessive and all consuming. I've been a relationship like that before and it wasn't good. You can't LOSE yourself in a person. You still need to maintain your own identity and be your own person.

BUT - call me a hypocrite because I still love their love story as an entertaining read and the movies are of course fun to watch. I think we just need to recognize this and understand the difference between healthy love and unhealthy love.

9. Your craziest fan moment.

Here's proof:

10. Do you have a Twilight collection?

Umm, if I did I wouldn't confess it here. BUT - I don't, lol. 
Okay I'll let you know what I think about Breaking Dawn
after I see it tomorrow! 
Are any of you seeing it tonight? 
Enjoy!! font just changed above and I have no idea why.
Anyway, happy Breaking Dawn day!

Nov 14, 2011

I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas

So I have some exciting news!
I'm headed to CA for Christmas. 
I was there last year and had a wonderful
time spending time with my BK.
Now I get to do some more ocean dreaming
again this year and create beautiful memories
with my love! <3

Lately I've encountered some really pretty
pictures of everything pink for Christmas!
Which is why I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas...
pictures from my Pinterest folder merry Christmas darling

Have a wonderful Monday!

Nov 12, 2011

It's cold outside and I'm thinking about the ocean and a surf shop!

Hi Ocean Dreamers! 

I hope you had a fantastic 11/11/11. 

There was something very special about this day. Ironically I watched the film Remember Me, not realizing that (SPOILER,) that the end had to do with 9/11. I won't say what happens but it was really touching and since I've been on my Robert Pattinson kick (Breaking Dawn next weekend!!!!) lol, I decided to watch Remember Me even though I had heard really sad reviews about the film.

I ended up really liking this movie a lot. The love story was touching and all of the characters and their stories of loss was heart breaking. However, to see them change and grow from their pain was amazing. I would recommend watching it if you haven't seen it before. I put it on my list to be sent to me for my current Netflix DVD and I think I'll watch it one more time before returning it.
So it's supposed to snow outside tomorrow and all I can think about is how much I miss the ocean. Yes, I know most of you may either live near the ocean or in a warmer climate so you yearn for snow, but when you are away from the place that holds your heart (BK and my ocean dreams land,) then you feel different. I'm really missing CA, my love, and the ocean something fierce. The good news is that I'm planning on being back there during beginning of December so that's not too far away. ;)

When I heard from a company called Envirosurfer, I just had to check their website out. I'm currently in love with their earth and ocean friendly products. For one thing they have an amazing variety of ocean and surf products, but another thing is they do a great job of incorporating Eco-friendly fashion into the mix. I love their site so much I decided to make a collage and show you some of my favorites.

Can you see why I love what they have on their site?!

Since Evirosurf supports our earth and taking care of the ocean, check out their infographic that they put together about how everything we use and do effects the ocean. You'll be as surprised with with what you find out about on the infographic as I am!

Have a wonderful weekend and if you haven't
entered into the business card giveway,
it ends in only 2 more days!!

Nov 8, 2011

Updates & Shopping Goodness

Hi Ocean Dreamers! 

I hope you all are having a lovely week! I'm busy writing like always and staying close to the fire since it's been a lot colder lately! I'm still having a hard time believing that it's November and that Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the way...

Thanks to everyone who has entered into the giveaway so far.  It ends in only 5 more days!! The entries are really low so please go and enter. Even if you don't have your own business I think having business cards for your blog or an Etsy shop, for example are fun too! :)

So I wanted to update you on my Grandpa. He's no longer in the hospital but has been transferred to a care center until he gets well. He still is very weak and also still has pneumonia so please continue to keep him in your prayers! Tomorrow my Grandma will be meeting with some important people to see what else can be done and find out some updates on my Grandpa. Please pray for my Grandma's strength since I know it is hard for her to see my Grandpa not feeling well. I love my grandparents so much and wish I could take their pain away even though I know God will take care of them.

And Grandma...if you are reading this, I love you. (My Grandma reads my blog!) :) 

So now on to some shopping goodness... 
You all know how much I love to shop, right?!
Well, I wish I had Blair and Serena's wardrobe from Gossip Girl but we all know this isn't going to happen. Don't I wish though!!

But thankfully there is a site where I can find virtually ANY brand name and compare prices to figure out which is the most frugal site to shop. Yes, this may be one of my clients, but I wouldn't recommend a site to you unless I have full confidence in this site.
This site is! I've mentioned them to you before, but I'm back to tell you that they recently released a pretty rad program and it's called JoeShopping Rewards.

What exactly are JoeShopping Rewards? First you need to become a user and have your own profile on the site (it's free guys and a lot of fun - I think of it as my Facebook shopping playground!) I think interacting with friends who love to love to shop like me is a whole lotta fun! Now that you have a profile you can gain points through reviewing products, interacting with people, posting coupons, referring friends, and more.

Sign Up - Earn Points - Get Rewards
Now comes the fun part. Are you still with me? :)

By interacting on the site, you gain points, right? Well, with these points you get free stuff! What kind of free stuff, you might ask?
Well depending on the amount of points you have, JoeShopping has fun deals available that frequently change. For example right now you get a 1 year subscription to Elle, Seventeen, and 60 other magazines (mag of your choice) for 44 points. Or...get a ticket to Sea World free with your points!!

Yep, that's how it works and I LOVE it. Because confession... I love to shop. Period. But you already knew that. ;)

So PLEASE PLEASE head on over to and set up your profile. Yes, I know there are SO many social media sites and I know that you're probably thinking that you shouldn't shop...but on this site I promise you will find great deals, coupons, (Juicy Couture in my case, ha ha), and more.
Nope, I wasn't paid for this post. I am just passionate about this site and enjoy working with the people in this company. I want to spread the joy and encourage you to have fun on the site too!

Find me on the site and we can be shopping friends:

Plus catch up on my latest guest blog post if you are looking for some new makeup products to try out:

Thanks so much for reading this post.

Let me know if you decided to join in on the JoeShopping shopping goodness too!

Nov 6, 2011 Business Cards Giveaway

Hello Ocean Dreamers!

I have some exciting news. I'm hosting a giveaway for and they've decided to giveaway 250 pieces of die cut business cards!
So if you've recently launched your own business (like me,) want to promote your blog, or just need a business card revamp, this giveaway is for you! is one of the versatile printing companies who offer business cards online. They not only print affordable and quality business cards, but they can also customize them according to your specific needs. In addition, they also offer custom business cards

Prize Details:

a.   250  pcs Die Cut Business Card Printing for one winner

2 x 3.5" Rounded Corners, 2x2" Rounded Corners, 1.75x3.5" Rounded Corners, 2x3.5" Leaf, 2x3.5 Rounded one corner, 2x3.5" Half Circle Side, 2x3.5" Oval, 2.5" Circle 14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated

6 Business Days Turn around

*Free shipping

Restriction: Limited to *US residents 18 years old and above only.

See below to enter into this Giveaway via Rafflecopter. Click on the Rafflecopter "CLICK HERE" for each possible option you choose to perform/enter with. Thanks!

Good luck and thanks for entering!

Nov 2, 2011

I wore hair extensions on Halloween and I liked it!

No...this post is not about Katy Perry's song, ha ha, but I do have to say I wore hair extensions on Halloween and I really really liked it...okay, turning into Katy Perry again. Sorry.

Anyway, moving on from me attempting to be funny.
Halloween night I got all dressed up to be a pirate and serve candy (same costume from last year with a few modifications,) and only 2 tricker treaters showed up the entire evening!! Yes, only two!!

We have a Victorian house and a very long I'm not surprised only a few tricker treaters showed up. They seem to think our house is haunted. I don't blame them, lol. The two kiddos that did show up were awfully cute though. I told them that they had been my only tricker treaters that evening! I made their mom laugh. :)
So...since I got all dressed up I had to take some pics. 
Even though the only people who saw me like this was my family. 
I had to get into the Halloween mood, okay?! 

After I post the pics I'll tell you all about my hair extensions. 
Do you even notice them?
If you look closely you'll see a few bobby pins holding it in place. 
If I can't grow my hair out by the time I'm married (someday soon I hope!) then you better believe I'm getting temporary extensions.
So want to know which hair extensions I used? See below.
Now I happened to get the 20” Styleable Soft Waves Clip In Extension (1pc) by hairdo :: Jessica Simpson for only $15 on sale, but most websites sell it for $99. It was kind of hard securing the clips in my hair, so you definitely have to use bobby pins. But overall I really like this clip in extension and plan on using it occasionally until my hair has grown out again. 
Speaking of Jessica Simpson, whom I adore by the way, did you see how she announced that she was going to be a "mummy?!"
You gotta love it!! 

So what do you think of hair extensions? I like them until I get my own longer locks back and if I can find them on sale! Otherwise they get a little pricey.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me...