Nov 2, 2011

I wore hair extensions on Halloween and I liked it!

No...this post is not about Katy Perry's song, ha ha, but I do have to say I wore hair extensions on Halloween and I really really liked it...okay, turning into Katy Perry again. Sorry.

Anyway, moving on from me attempting to be funny.
Halloween night I got all dressed up to be a pirate and serve candy (same costume from last year with a few modifications,) and only 2 tricker treaters showed up the entire evening!! Yes, only two!!

We have a Victorian house and a very long I'm not surprised only a few tricker treaters showed up. They seem to think our house is haunted. I don't blame them, lol. The two kiddos that did show up were awfully cute though. I told them that they had been my only tricker treaters that evening! I made their mom laugh. :)
So...since I got all dressed up I had to take some pics. 
Even though the only people who saw me like this was my family. 
I had to get into the Halloween mood, okay?! 

After I post the pics I'll tell you all about my hair extensions. 
Do you even notice them?
If you look closely you'll see a few bobby pins holding it in place. 
If I can't grow my hair out by the time I'm married (someday soon I hope!) then you better believe I'm getting temporary extensions.
So want to know which hair extensions I used? See below.
Now I happened to get the 20” Styleable Soft Waves Clip In Extension (1pc) by hairdo :: Jessica Simpson for only $15 on sale, but most websites sell it for $99. It was kind of hard securing the clips in my hair, so you definitely have to use bobby pins. But overall I really like this clip in extension and plan on using it occasionally until my hair has grown out again. 
Speaking of Jessica Simpson, whom I adore by the way, did you see how she announced that she was going to be a "mummy?!"
You gotta love it!! 

So what do you think of hair extensions? I like them until I get my own longer locks back and if I can find them on sale! Otherwise they get a little pricey.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me...


  1. That is awesome that you dressed up! No one really comes to our house either ;( I think it's because of how you have to get to the front door to our house.
    You're costume is awesome though!

  2. Those are extensions?! I am extremely impressed. I couldn't tell at all!! Now I kind of wish I didn't already have long hair, so I could try them out! LOL!

    A couple friends of mine have used extensions before and if not professionally done, they always look fake. It's painfully obvious and looks horrid. So I'm kind of in shock right now that yours look so REAL! That's awesome!

  3. It seriously looks so pretty on you!!!

  4. i do not like hair extensions. but your outfit looks darling!

  5. Cute! I have always wanted to try them out!

  6. Love your costume! You make such a gorgeous pirate. Oooo, those extensions look so great and so natural on you.

  7. You did a great job in this post.
    You look great i hope you have time to check out my blog and share some comments.

  8. Your hair looks great and I love your cute costume! Also, I thought Jessica's announcement was really clever! :)

  9. Love your extensions...:) I still like your shorter hair, though. Haha! :D

  10. Cute outfit & the hair extensions look great. I have one for parties but it was expensive (real hair) I have had it coloured to match my real hair colour. No one can tell I'm wearing - not even my husband! But it's a bit of fun to have a few extra inches & get away with it!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  11. Don't you love Halloween for wearing fun lashes and wigs or hair extensions! Yours look great...I have always wanted to try the Jessica Simpson ones! Hope you are having a Wonderful Weekend! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  12. You look super adorable! I love that costume!

  13. I thought Jess' idea was pretty cute :)

  14. you are beautiful!
    love the hair extensions

  15. Your hair looks awesome! I've always wanted to try extensions! And I'm so glad you found me so I could find you - I'm your newest follower! :)


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