Dec 3, 2011

after the wind storm...

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Hi Ocean Dreamers!

So I wanted to update you on my latest happenings.
First of all, yesterday was insanely crazy. 
We had a severe wind storm with 80mph winds at 
my home in UT and let me 
just say it was super scary.
I've never been in a location during a hurricane but
I would think this is the closest I might (hopefully) come to witnessing one.
My family and I were all okay, but we had roof damage.
Thankfully our windows didn't break and we just had
damage in our yard and roof. 
Here's a small glimpse of some of the damage:
The electricity was off all day 
yesterday and turned back
on last night at 2am.  
You can image how cold we were -
we all bundled up close to the fire at night and I went to
bed wearing several layers of clothing. I felt like an Eskimo.
Yep, kind of like this adorable pup, ha ha.
I feel so thankful that no one was harmed and I hope that
everyone else is okay in near by towns (there were some areas that
were hit even harder.) I'm thinking of my CA friends because
it seems like Southern CA is getting hit hard with winds as well.
I'm keep you all (CA friends) in my thoughts and prayers.
I actually had some writing to do yesterday so even
though the Internet was iffy at the bookstore
I managed to get some writing done.
But this meant I had to travel out into the storm and I
was anxious the entire way I drove to Barnes & Noble.
Strong winds are so unpredictable and not to mention cold!
I was safe though and got home safely gotta do
what you gotta do when writing projects are due. 
I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!
At least my house didn't blow away. ;)

So I was a nerd all day yesterday and hung out at the
bookstore. I admit, I kind of liked it. I just needed
hot cocoa and everything would have been complete.
Mmmm that sounds so good!
I'm really glad that God 
watched over us yesterday. 
It just makes you really thankful and it made me feel even more
compassionate for the states and countries that have
experienced state of emergencies and other natural disasters.
I just had a small glimpse of what storms can do...
I just can't imagine losing a home, belongings, and
even loved heart breaks for those
who have experienced this before.
I think this encourged me to be even more compassionate
towards those less fortunate than I.

Because of our storm,
after the storm...
I realized even more 
how important it is to 
help people & give them hope 
when they've gone through 
horrible disasters.
I just feel so very fortunate.
You should feel fortunate too.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY and Little Joys from the Week post!


  1. Oh I just love a post everything warm related, makes me love the winter!

  2. I'm so glad to hear you and your family are okay! I saw the news yesterday and when it mentioned Utah, I automatically thought of you!! I'm sorry about the damage though...

  3. I'm glad everything is sort of "back to normal" and thanks for thinking of's calmed down a little but I heard it's not done yet. :( Stupid wind...really!

  4. oooo that can be scary!!! I'm glad you are okay. And I don't think that being at a bookstore is nerdy- it's a delightful way to spend the afternoon :)

  5. I'm nerdy that way too, though I enjoy libraries even more than bookstores, cuz they're free! :)

  6. I'm glad that you are alright! Storms can be scary.

    I love to hang out at bookshops. They are relaxing and it's good to see fellow bookworms :)

  7. lovely post sierra! i'm glad your family is safe from the strong wind you had, and glad your roof didn't suffer too much!



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