Dec 23, 2011

getting ready for Christmas

Hi, and thanks for the comments on my outfit post! 

In just a few days Christmas will arrive. I'm so excited that I'm in sunny CA spending time with my love. On Christmas day we will be going to church with BK's family and then will enjoy the rest of the day opening presents and celebrating Christ's birthday.

I've been doing small things around BK's apartment to make it a bit more festive. Part of Christmas for me is getting in the Christmas mood so I bought a few things to make BK's man cave into a holiday cave, lol.
I set up all of BK's presents and even though I didn't get a big tree, you can see our small blue ocean dreams tree on the end table.
BK really needed a new comforter. Don't tell anyone but he was using an old floral comforter so I took matters into my own hands and headed over to TJMaxx and this is what I came up with for under $100. I wanted it to be manly since it isn't "our place" yet but when we do have our own place I'll come up with a bed look that we both will like.
I also got a snow globe of the nativity scene and a small dish to place it in. Then I decided to buy some Hershey's kisses and put it around the nativity scene. There's something magical about snow globes. They also have been one of my favorite decorations. It's a small decor element that I think makes the table come alive with holiday gladness. :)
I'm also reading a Christmas book, The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson. It's really a simple read and cute story. I need to finish it soon, Christmas is only 2 days away! But...I guess I can continue reading it after Christmas.
 Christmas nails!!
Sweet red and sparkly fake candles. ;)
I also decided to get some cupcakes. Christmas isn't complete without cupcakes, right?!
Also...let's not forget about sweet ocean Christmas dreams.
Love seeing these sunsets again. ;)

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?

Are you done Christmas shopping?

Happy early Merry Christmas Ocean Dreamers!


  1. Love the nails & the mini tree :) So fun! I hope you two have a wonderful Christmas together!

    Oh & love TJMaxx... I always find deals there!

  2. Love the nails and the globe! Looks like you got a lot done to get ready for Christmas :) Enjoy CA!

    My Christmas preparations can be found here...

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Your nails are so adorable! So so cute! :)

    I also love that cute little blue Christmas tree! =)

    Merry christmas <3


  4. What cute little Christmas nails! Ha! I laughed out loud when you wrote about taking matters into you own hands about the comforter. Thank you so much for the Christmas card. I received it yesterday. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love all the pictures!! Your nail polish is so fun and Christmassy, super cute! Love the cupcakes and all the wrapped gifts! Merry Christmas!

  6. I love your festive mani pedi!!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas
    I'm giving away a fabulous coastal style interiors book over the holidays.

    If you have time I'd love you to join in.
    Carolyn xx

  8. Great job transforming the man cave into a "holiday cave" :)
    I'm so glad you are enjoying Christmas! May the light of Christ shine upon you every day and I hope the coming year will be as sweet as you are! xoxo

  9. looks like everything is all ready! merry christmas

  10. You certainly were ready!!! Love the nails girl!!! :D



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