Dec 26, 2011

holiday in Mauritius - guest post by Henri

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After reading this guest post I think we'll all want to go
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Finding the best resort spots for holidays in Mauritius

Who hasn’t dreamt of a holiday on the beach, frolicking among the gentle waves lapping at the soft white sand? If you fly to Mauritius, your holiday dream can be realised. A holiday in Mauritius is all about sea, sand and sun before everything else such as shopping, museums and restaurants. So it pays to choose resorts near the best beaches when deciding where you’ll be staying.
Getting there

As the island is situated off the east coast of Madagascar in the middle of the Indian Ocean, if you are from any continent, flying the is quickest and only way to reach shore. The only alternative is by boat and you will have to come from Reunion Island or Rodrigues. How then do you get to either island? By plane again!

You will first land at the only airport of the island in the south-east, at Plaisance. If you fly from Europe, your plane will reach the island from the north-west and will cross it all the way diagonally to the south-east in just a few minutes. Pay attention outside as you will get a great opportunity to see the whole island from above with its green tapestry of sugarcane fields and turquoise blue lagoon like a ring around it.
As your plane reaches the airport, it will turn around to approach it from the sea and start landing while still above the water. You will see the blue sea fast approaching you and even small waves, giving the impression that the plane will fall into the water. Not for those afraid of flying!

From the airport

Once you land at the airport, you will take the motorway towards one of the many plush hotels or villas dotted all around the coast of Mauritius.
There are several luxury hotels on the east coast, namely Le Touessrok and St Geran, 2 very famous, very luxurious and very expensive resorts. You will need to leave the motorway early for that or you may continue to the west or north coast. This is because most of the hotels are concentrated close to the best beaches, many of which are found on the west and north coasts.

On the east coast, you will find the 6 km long public beach of Belle Mare and Palmar next to each other. The East coast is relatively quiet compared to the west and north coast and this is probably due to the south east trade winds which makes it more windy than usual on the beaches on this side of the island. Those who seek peace and quiet will more than likely find it here. Let’s not forget Blue Bay beach in the south east corner. This beach is packed with tourists and locals however, maybe because it is truly stunning. It’s also not very far from the airport.
Finally, we need to mention the south coast if we are to mention quiet beaches. The south is the wild part of the island, ignored by tourists and locals because there are few beaches and the sea is rough. So if you come for a beach holiday, there’ll be nothing for you there. However, if you like golf, then the award-winning Telfair Golf & Spa Resort in the area should be of interest to you.


Standing out from all the possible destinations over the island, including the capital Port-Louis, is Grand-Bay, the foremost destination for tourists seeking sea, sun and sand but also entertainment. Sure, you might enjoy an isolated beach for yourself but would you be OK to spend your 2 or 3 weeks of holidays on this desolate beach by yourself? Not many would be inclined to do so. Grand Bay brings the best of both worlds then.
Grand-Bay has some of the best beaches of Mauritius in close proximity. Try Mont-Choisy, a few kilometres before Grand-Bay as you head north from the motorway. Mont-Choisy has arguably the longest white sandy beach of the whole island. Sometimes, you may find a very attractive beach, only to be disappointed in the shallow sea when going for a swim. Mont Choisy has nothing like that. The turquoise sea water beckons you and when you dip into the warm waters, you will find plenty of depth to practise your swim stroke. If you manage to swim up and down the whole of this beach, then you are without doubt of athletic ability. Le Cannonier Hotel is just nearby.

Flic en Flac

If Grand Bay represents the north, then Flic en Flac is the west. This small fishing village in the 60s dominated by a marsh has been transformed into the Grand Bay of the west today. The long sandy beach has helped without a doubt. You will find shopping centres, banks, restaurants and Casela, a bird and animal park, all nearby. From Villas Caroline to La Pirogue, the Sugar Beach Resort and the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa, you are spoilt for choice. Find reviews on the Sugar Beach Resort and La Pirogue here.
Mauritius with its hot tropical weather and sandy coral lagoons has what many holidaymakers seek to make their trip memorable. So grab your sun lotion, your swimwear and get a flight ticket to this island. As with all holiday trips, preparation is the key so get all you need to know at before you go. If you have any hotels to share with us, why not submit a travel guest post?

Bio: Henri loves island travel: there is nothing
better than spending some time
on the beach under the sun.
Keep an eye out for more of his experience.

Thanks so much for the guest post Henri!


  1. I can safely say I'd rather be in Mauritius than in NY right now. I think it would be so interesting to celebrate the holidays in the sun - something I've never experienced before!

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  6. Hi,, What an amazing a beautiful island. Thanks for sharing Henris post. Someday! :)
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