Dec 19, 2011

New Year Ethical Fashion Looks - Guest Post by Emma

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With the holiday season fast approaching, time to plan the all-important New Year’s Eve outfit is quickly running out. With so much to think about, the last thing on your mind is whether your outfit is ethical. But in the name of good karma why not make a positive start to 2012 by wearing something from one of the many eco fashion brands that are available.

Ethical or sustainable fashion can still have a bit of a reputation for being ‘hippie’ but it’s not all hemp shirts and flowing skirts, in fact, it’s hardly like that at all. New niche ethical labels are cropping up all the time and more and more mainstream fashion brands are bringing out sub ranges with a conscience, so there is plenty of ethical party wear around if you go looking for it.

People Tree is the most established ethical fashion brand in the UK, and they ship all over the world. They support Fair Trade and work with artisan communities to produce beautiful garments and accessories. The Grace dress is a classic LBD with hand embroidered gold detailing for that extra special New Year’s sparkle. Produced in Bangladesh it is made from a cotton/silk blend and costs £145. 

C.Marchuska is a clothing brand which manufactures in the heart of New York City. They produce sophisticated, sustainable and affordable fashion for the socially conscious woman. C.Marchuska has a range of party dresses priced from $100-$160 like the bright blue Erin dress which is made from bamboo (could be a good talking point). 
Of course, being sustainable or ethical doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy something new. You could wear vintage for that party and be right on trend. Or you could customise something yourself using fashion blogs to find inspiration and keep up-to-date with trends on the cheap. Maybe sew sequins onto a tired, plain dress, add lace edging to sleeves and hems or tie bows from ribbon for added embellishment.  When money’s running low and you’re all partied out why not host a customising party in the run up to New Year’s Eve, now that’s an idea!

Emma Waight is a PhD researcher and freelance fashion and style writer for


  1. I love ethical fashion. It's such a great idea. I'm a huge fan of People Tree.

  2. I just LOVE that LBD, gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such lovely comments!

    I am now following your blog, it is excellent! Will follow on Bloglovin' as well =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog! I've been sitting here reading yours for the past 20 minutes! haha.

  4. Oh how nice!!! Love simple, but elegant dresses! And Ethical too?! I'm in! ;)


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