Dec 11, 2011

on my random love list...

Hi Ocean Dreamers!

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I did but time seems to be getting away from me and I can't believe I'll be headed to CA soon! This post is going to be a bit random, but just bear with me because I'm about to show you some pictures of some yummy food and fashionable items.

Here's what I've been up to the last few weeks as well as what I've bought. Yes, I know I shouldn't buy myself gifts before Christmas but I caved and found some black Friday goodies and then some. :)

I don't usually go out on Black Friday but this year I ventured out and boy did I have fun! I didn't really like Forever21's sales, but I snagged some fabulous deals at Aeropostale and Hollister where everything was at least 40% off or more!
There's this amazing Mexican restaurant where I live and I love going there with my mom. This time my mom, grandma and I went to this restaurant a few weeks ago and I got fish tacos. You really can't see the fish in this picture but if you have never had fish tacos you've got to try them. They are sooo good!
This year my mom and I decided to decorate the tree a bit differently. Usually the tree becomes a hodgepodge of random and fun ornaments. However, this year we stuck with only glass ornaments and as you can see many of them are vintage. I love vintage ornaments and plan on decorating my tree in my own home with BK with beauties like these in the near future.
My family and I actually exchanged Christmas gifts tonight (we had an early Christmas since I'm leaving this week,) and this is a picture of some of the gifts I gave them. I had a fun time wrapping presents!
Here are some of BK's gifts that I will be bringing to CA with me. Yep, I already wrapped them and I will put them around our mini blue ocean dreams tree that I'm bringing with me to CA. :)
I also decided to have fun and display a few other gifts I wrapped for him with a vintage tree that I bought as well as a tin with some pictures inside that I made for him from last year.
I also have been in a bit of a sushi mood lately (okay all of the time...) and this is one of my favorite rolls. It's a California roll with shrimp and spicy mayo on top. Just looking at it makes me hungry.
I also bought a few new purses. This beauty, aka Juicy Couture purse, I found at TJ Maxx for a killer price. The purse below is a Makowsky purse and I got it off of Ebay. I was actually looking for this tie dye and leather purse for quite sometime!! I finally snagged it for a reasonable price of $40 used verses $250. I lover it. 
Last...yes, I told you this was random, I got my nails done a few days ago. I don't usually like acrylic nails because I finally conquered biting my nails and growing them out, but I really wanted sparkly tips. I know that acrylic nails actually stay on so I decided to have pretty nails for the holidays. These are gold tips. Pretty, right?
Sorry about my fat fingers. I like my nails but I never said I liked my fingers, lol. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with my mom's long fingers but I'll work with what I have! :)

I won't be posting again until Friday because I'll be scurrying around like a crazy woman getting ready for Cali! So I wish you all a happy week and be sure to stop by on Wednesday for a guest post!

Also, I'm guest posting at Kori's blog on Tuesday so please stop by to read my post! Thanks!


  1. I loooooooove your gold tips--almost makes me consider getting acrylics again! The only reason I don't do it is b/c it totally makes my nails thin & chip . . . but yours look pretty enough to make me think about it. haha! Where in CA are you going? So exciting! As are your new bargain finds--that tie dye purse you got on ebay is amazing!

    I might have to get sushi for lunch tomorrow now. I don't eat fish (or meat of any kind), but I looooove sweet potato tempura rolls, cucumber and avocado rolls, edamame, veggie udon, seaweed salad, etc. YUM!

    Have a wonderful Christmas & trip, Sierra! xoxo

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in California. I'm excited about decorating my own tree one day too. I look at everyone's trees and think about how fun it'll be when I have my own home. Merry Christmas!! xoxo

  3. I love this Love list!! The glass ornaments will look great on the tree, and I love wrapping presents as well.
    And your nails look amazing.

  4. All of the wrapping is so pretty - usually I just stuff gifts in gift bags:( I need to take a lesson from you!

  5. It's official. I'm copying your nails this holiday season! Gorgeous!

    And tacos...drool!

  6. Oh, fun post!! You have the best random postings. ;-)

    a) that sushi looks to die for and i need some STAT.
    b) your nails look adorable!
    c) LOOOOOOOVE those purses!
    d) i did a little bit of black friday shopping, but not much.

    Have fun on your trip to California!


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