Dec 30, 2011

preserving your pants: how to move your wardrobe without destorying it - guest post by Ash

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Preserving Your Pants: How to Move Your Wardrobe without Destroying It

There's a certain art to moving clothes without compromising their structure. You don't want to wrinkle your favorite tops and pants, and you don't want your jewelry to emerge in your new location as a tangled mass of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Check out these few tips for ensuring that your clothes arrive in a wearable state!
Keep Valuable Jewelry Close, Safe and Secure: Most movers actually won't even load your valuables onto the van without an insurance plan. Pack your jewelry away in a safe box. If you use a jewelry box for your items, you can simply pack the entire jewelry box. Grouping like items together with a tie and utilizing old ring or earring boxes to move small items can help cut down on the chances of losing or damaging your jewelry. Try to condense your jewelry down to one box, and keep it close to you during the move.
Use Luggage, Duffle Bags and Laundry Hampers: For clothes that typically live in a dresser drawer, you can utilize your luggage, duffle bags or even laundry hampers to make the move much easier. You can simply move the folded clothes directly from one location to the next. This tactic is especially great for items that aren't delicate, or if you don't care whether they emerge sporting a few wrinkles. Gym clothes, pajamas, underwear or lounge clothes are great candidates. Try to keep a smaller bag with a few changes of clothes, just in case you don't feel like tearing through all your boxes for fresh pajamas or a new outfit the following day.
Wardrobe Boxes: If you want to move your clothes easily and without them resembling those horrific pre-wrinkled shirts that were huge in the early 2000s, wardrobe boxes are your best bet. You can leave your clothes directly on the hanger and load them onto the bar in the box. They'll hang just like they do in your closet, so that delicate fabrics like silk will stay wrinkle free.
You can find wardrobe boxes in different sizes and heights. They’re usually available from your mover, office stores, or moving supply stores in your area. They are pretty affordable, hold a lot of clothes and are re-usable, making them great for someone who moves often. Pack like items together and label the boxes so you know where to find everything later.

No Shoe Left Behind: Everyone has felt the panic of unpacking shoes and thinking for a split second, "Did I lose one?" One shoe is no good without the other, so losing just the left or right really hurts. To avoid losing shoes, or even having a brief mix up, keep all your shoes together in one box for the move. Keeping it all together can be hard, but the closer proximity, the better. If you have shoeboxes, it's a great idea to pack shoes into them before packing them in a larger box. That way, you can easily keep pairs together and identity any singletons quickly.
If you are moving especially valuable items, be it clothes, shoes or jewelry, you might also consider moving insurance to guarantee that your items are covered in the event of loss or damage, especially if you're going a long distance. If you aren't going far, a reliable mover and safe packing should be enough to ensure that your clothes will arrive in tip-top shape!
Thanks Ash!

Oh gosh...I hope I don't have to move anytime soon, lol! least these great tips will help in the future!
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  1. This was really informative-- this summer I'll be moving and so I book marked this to check it out again before I pack!

    xx Missy

  2. Happy New Year Sierra! Hope you find anything you dream of!
    Love, Olga

  3. I love the wardrobe box, they're so pretty!! Great guest post!

  4. I'm a walk-in closet fanatic and having so many clothes and all that I really do need space and am weirdly looking forward to moving soon. Not that I'm moving soon but I can't wait to get my own HUGE closet! ;)


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