Jan 21, 2012

bling on a budget - guest post by Ash

Enjoy another fun & fashionable post from my friend Ash


Bling on a Budget

If you'd like to add a little flair to your wardrobe, but don't have much money to work with, don't worry -- you're not alone.

Buying jewelry can be expensive. You want something that looks great and lasts a long time, but you don't want to break the bank in the process. Is there any happy medium?

Happily, there is! Check out these few style tips for ideas on how to jazz up your everyday look without having to open a credit card.

·         Set Your Price: First things first, know how much you want to spend. Set a budget and stick to it. Know if you want to get one quality piece, or five or six more budget friendly pieces. Browsing online jewelry sites like Blue Nile gives you the option to set your price and look only within your range, meaning that you won't be tempted by something you can't afford!

·         Cocktail Rings: A huge statement piece is a great way to incorporate a lot of pizzazz into your style with one key item. A large cocktail ring is one of the best ways to jazz up a standard night-out-on-the-town outfit. Choose a good quality cocktail ring with neutral tones and plenty of shine to ensure that it will match all of your favorite dresses, heels and blazers. If you wear a cocktail ring, keep the rest of your jewelry minimal to allow the ring to stand out!

·         Long Necklaces: Necklaces are a great way to transform an outfit in a single stroke. Go for something longer and choose a necklace that's layered, has a vintage style pendant or a subdued color palette. Necklaces are a fairly affordable piece and are cheap enough that you can stock up several to mix and match with different outfits. 

·         Boyfriend Watch: Boyfriend watches are a quirky, trendy way to spice up even your most basic everyday outfit. These big slouchy watches look great with jeans and a cardigan, or even with a casual skirt, tights and blazer. You can easily dress these watches up or down depending on your mood, destination or outfit availability. Though they can be a little pricier, you only need one good watch in your wardrobe, and a boyfriend watch can go with just about everything!

      Glitter Nail Polish: If you're willing to think outside of the box a little, you might consider adding some sparkle to your wardrobe through glitter nail polish. Sure, you may have tried this at a sleepover when you were 12, but the new wave of glitter polish is totally different. Be sure to choose a sophisticated jewel tone, like gold or silver and test out the polish in store, if possible, to be sure you like it. 

All in all, adding more sparkle and shine to your wardrobe doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Get creative, trade pieces with friends, save up for a piece you really want and use jewel-toned make-up to compliment the jewelry you already have. Use larger statement pieces to your advantage and be prepared to shine!

Thanks Ash!


  1. I love bold jewelry! I wear big earrings every day, and I love glitter nail polish. :)

  2. I love a statement necklace! Wearing one today!

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