Jan 10, 2012

just some California adventures worth tucking away in my memory bank...

Thanks so much for the congrats on my
business name, I really appreciate
your sweet comments.

Before New Year's Day arrived I had 
the most fun I had had in a long time.

It feels so nice to get together with my girlfriends when I haven't seen them
in a long time and they just get me. Isn't it nice when you get one another?
I don't like to take that for granted because when you find that connection,
even in friendship, I hope it lasts for a long time, if not for forever.

Selma and I had a couple of adventures that I won't forget.
One occasion we got together and had some delcious sushi.
Don't worry, all of the sushi rolls that you see below we had
help eating...we had a few more friends that were there as well.

Then on New Year's Eve Selma's friend was in town and we
had a grand adventure in Los Angeles
We drove around, taking fun and spontaneous 
pictures and we spent the day exploring Griffith Observatory
and we also took a drive on Mulholland Drive
I had driven on Mulholland Drive
before, but not it in it's entirety and it was gorgeous.
I especially loved seeing the sunset there.

I never realized how much I have yet to explore and 
see in California. It's like a treasure trove full
of treasure. I can't wait to find more of this
treasure as time goes on.
For now, here is just a bit of the treasure
that I found and the memories
that I formed on these wonderful days
are safely tucked away in my memory bank!

Since I really liked the outfit I was wearing on New Year's Eve,
the day I went out with Selma and her friend as we explored
Los Angeles, I thought I would put together a board
for you all to see my outfit for this post as well.
I'm so thankful for my latest outings...
I've been having a blast!
I've also gotten together with a
few other lovely friends, including
Ali and a college friend.
More pictures are coming!!

Have you been able to go on some
adventures lately?


  1. Sounds like you had a great New Years! It's so much fun hanging with the girls.
    Love that top you wore!! Gorgeous.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! And yummm sushi, makes me hungry just thinkin' about it!

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Looks like a fun girls trip! Makes me miss my girls!

  4. sounds like so much fun!! I am loving that new years outfit!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  5. Mmmm sushi! I wish I lived on the west coast where its super sunny and awesome all the time! Love your pretty orange necklace :)


  6. OK I told Selma and now it's your turn lol - you guys always say you want to meet up with me yet you are 5 mins from my apartment and never invite me!! :(

  7. WOW! looks like so much fun hon! You look awesome and your pics really show what a great time you all are having. Love that top!

    Enjoy and keep smiling doll!




  8. Sounds like you had a great time doll and thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us.

    <3 Marina

  9. That sushi looks delicious!
    Just got back from my summer holidays so popping by to wish you a Happy New Year & I hope all your dreams come true in 2012
    Melissah from Country Style Chic

  10. Mmm, you are now making me crave sushi! And I love the bright orange of your outfit, reminds me of a sunset on the ocean (as cheesy as that sounds). Glad you had some great outings - and let me add to the list of people who adore your business name! :) Hope you've had a great weekend!

  11. The sushi looks delicious, New Zealand doesn't have the best options, and they often include cooked chicken and lots of lettuce. Glad you had a fun time out!


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