Jan 22, 2012

top Ideas on how to plan a wedding party for your friend - guest post by Rosette

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Top Ideas on How to Plan a Wedding Party for Your Friend

Planning a wedding party for your friend can be challenging, particularly if you have never done it before. But with little more research, planning and budget management you can make it look like you have been doing it for years. Decide on the kind of wedding party you would like to throw – traditional, contemporary or a small and intimate gathering. An authentic and beautiful wedding party should never lose the soul in it – the idea is to celebrate the togetherness more than the flaunting off!

Wedding Party Plans: Things to keep in mind
  • First, get clear on what you want. Keep alternatives in mind
  • Select a venue/ location that you know is going to set the tone of your friend’s wedding
  • Make a list of the guests you want to be present at the party. If it’s a small party, you may not like to invite everyone
  • Set the budget and that will avoid you from getting into a messy wedding party arrangement. Follow the budget strictly.
Top Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts
Glowing smile on faces of the couple makes you feel that you could not have asked for more. A good choice for gifts can look like an icing on the cake. Wedding party gifts are a great way to show that it’s a significant day for you too. Go for silly gifts that will give a humorous picture of your playful relationship with the couple. 

You can also select something “practical” such as a nice appliance or a dining set that the couple can use more often than not. You can offer gifts that are symbolical of how much you appreciate being with the couple and wish them to make the best out of their marital life. 

Top Ideas for Wedding Party Music
Classic, contemporary, country songs, special duets, sweet cake-cutting songs, special wedding tunes, dance beats, romantic pop singles, no play list actually, churches and music, rocking, Celtic and there are many more choices to select from. 

You can also prepare a set of music that has been a favorite with the couple or is symbolical of their first meeting, first proposal or first dance together. Narrating those special moments with every music selection playing in the background should make a good idea. 

Top Ideas for Wedding Party Food
Wedding feasts have been enjoyed and celebrated as long as people have been getting married. Expense and convenience are two factors you should ponder on before planning the food. Professional caterers can ensure that your food will not only taste good but it will be also be preserved at the right temperature and will be prepared well enough for the expected number of guests arriving at the party. 

For smaller wedding parties, homemade wedding food will make the best option. Food can include fresh fruits, salads, egg dishes, rolls, meats, stuffed mushroom caps, peanut sauce, appetizers, crab cakes and drinks. Your choices may vary depending on the way your food is to be served. 

An inexpensive wedding arrangement can also lead to an exceptional event – all it requires is the art of working on a budget and implementing it with patience and sense. Keep the focus on the celebration of love and future and by the end of the day, guests will walk away with sweet memories. Wedding party arrangement should express your love for the couple in a bright party that consummates best relationships. 

About the Author:

The above article is composed and edited by Rosette Summers. She is associated with many fashion and holidays communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to stag weekends, party weekends abroad, fashion accessories, etc.


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