Jan 2, 2012

why I'll never forget 2011: the year in review

Happy New Year Ocean Dreamers!

I know I'm just a tad behind with blogging about 2011
because it's already 2012!

But, I still wanted to do a 2012 post in review of 2011
because the New Year has arrived
and so have new hopes and dreams,
many that have already come true!

By the way, 
I've been busy creating a new Facebook, Twitter,
Blog, and e-mail address for my new business name.

I'll be announcing the pages and my business name
to you during the next couple of posts
so stay tuned - I'm super excited about it!!

So here's a brief recap of 2011:

Overall 2011 was a year of new beginnings (became a entrepreneur), a year of loss (my Grandpa), a year of seeing family members that I hadn't seen in a while, spending lots of time with family (my mom, dad, and brother), meeting two fabulous blog friends (Selma and Ashley), and spending lots of time with my love. By mid-year I also was working away with my freelance business, which has turned into such a blessing. 
  • January - I met Selma, my bloggy friend, who turned into my real life bestie! I couldn't be more thankful for her! I also was in CA visiting BK and even though I was still recovering from my illness, I had fun with BK like seeing films like Singin in the Rain at an old theater in Sela Beach. BK and I also went to Disneyland with one another for the first time and enjoyed it immensely! I also was newly unemployed and started looking for work.
  • February - I continued looking for work in CA and in Utah and started picking up freelance work. I also went out to dinner with my love Ali and we also sang karaoke in front of BK and several other people at the restaurant - it was fun!! Later in the month I had a spa day with my UT childhood friend Britni - it was nice relaxing and celebrating her birthday. Besides these activities, Feb was a pretty low key month spending time at the beach with BK, enjoying Utah sunsets, and receiving some gorgeous Valentine's Day flowers from BK as well. 
  • March - I had fun with my family in Utah and focused on fun tasks like re-decorating my bedroom. We transformed the room into a elegant room with neutral tones and a vintage and travel like theme. I also met another bloggy friend, Ashley.
  • April - was a busy month. I went back to CA where I spent time with my cousin, aunt, and mom. Before I went to CA, on April 7th I cut my hair off and donated it to Locks of Love. After I spent time with my cousin, aunt, and mom, I went on a road trip with BK. We went to San Francisco and then did lots of ocean dreaming when we returned back to Southern CA.
  • May - was another extremely busy month. I went to Arizona to house sit my aunt and uncle's sweet pup Tikko. I already was in love with Tikko but fell for this dog even more. My cousin graduated from High School and we celebrated his graduation in Arizona as well. May was also when my Grandpa passed away. My family and I flew to CA to have a memorial service for him in San Diego. I also was able to spend another week with BK in CA after my Grandpa's funeral.
  • June - During June I went on vintage shopping sprees with my mom in different areas in Utah. I also spent a blissful weekend at the cabin with my mom and dad. There were also gorgeous sunsets and yummy cupcakes that were enjoyed during the month of June.
  • July - was vacation month with BK! We went to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and more. I would say this is the most fun I had in 2011!
  • August - I was still in CA spending time with my love. I also got to spend more time with Selma - we went to Disneyland. I also had many ocean dreams adventures because it was nice and warm outside!
  • September - My Grandma moved during this month so during this time we had a family reunion in Montana. I was able to see my cousins, second cousins, and my aunts and uncles. It was also my birthday month. I turned 27 years old.
  • October - I went to the Pumpkin Factory with Selma, enjoyed watching the leaves change colors in Utah, got sick with a cold that wouldn't go away, and looked forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • November - I enjoyed Thanksgiving and went on a major shopping spree on Black Friday. I had a blast. I was also extremely busy with work this month and did a lot of writing. And by a lot I mean a lot of writing, lol.
  • December - You already know what I've been up to! I had an amazing Christmas and New Year's Day with BK! I also went on a few adventures with Selma...coming to a blog post near you! ;)
 How would you say your 2011 was Ocean Dreamers?

Thanks so much for being a part of my blog - 
I look forward to writing more and reading your blogs in 2012!


  1. Hi Sierra,, looks like a pretty good year, but I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandpa:( I do love your haircut, its very cute! I hope you have many happy travels, lots of work and a healthy New Year!
    Gail :)

  2. Great recap. And we only hung out once or twice? THIS MUST CHANGE. :)

  3. Definitely a year to remember Sierra!

  4. Sounds like a great year! June, in particular, sounds amazing. Glad it went so well. Hope 2012 is amazing for you as well.

  5. Happy New Year Sierra! 2011 was a pretty amazing year for you. Hope 2012 is only better!

  6. Wow - sounds like you had a very full and memorable year in 2011. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. :-( Sounds as though you have a pretty strong, united family that supports each other through these times...

    And how wonderful that you have made such incredible friends in the blogging community. I think that is why many of us started blogging in the first place - to make connections with others.

    Thanks for sharing your year-in-review with us Sierra! So fun to learn more about you! :-)
    XO - Marion

  7. Happy New Year sweet Sierra! It's amazing when we look back on the past year isnt't it? I did something similar - I illustrated a map highlighting each month and what I experienced :>

    Wishing you all the best in 2012!! xo

  8. Looks like an amazing year overall, aside from the losses, at least there were lots of gains and a ton of adventures - so jealous of you going to Disneyland and spending so much time at the beach, too :)

    Can't wait to hear about the business name!

  9. Sounds like a lovely year! I love how you've made a collage of this past year and what a positive outlook you have on life. It's really uplifting to read about what wonderful times you have had!!

    The Urban Umbrella

  10. How cute are you?! It sounds like you had the perfect year! I want a bloggy bestie in real life!!! Omg. Jealous. ;)

    I have no doubt 2012 will have even BETTER things in store for you. xoxo

  11. I love the way you broke down your 2011 year doll..Genius post and Happy 2012 and I'm sure a lot more fab things are coming your way.

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina

  12. Great review! I hope 2012 brings you greatness!

  13. Yay 2011 was a good year for ya. And yay I got to see you lots of times...hehehehe! :)


  14. looks like 2011 was a fabulous year, hope 2012 is just as lovely if not better! :)

  15. Sounds like a good year (mostly)! The most blessed wishes for you in 2012! Hope you are well!

  16. Sounds like things have gone very well for you in 2011. A full, productive year! You are so sweet. I hope you enjoy 2012 as much as last year!

  17. I forgot about that long pretty hair! I like it both ways actually, but I definitely am a fan of long locks!! Happy New Year, Sierra!

    This year is going to be a good one . :) :)

  18. Cute post! :) Sounds like a good year!

    And have a nice weekend //Niina

  19. Looks like for the most part you had a pretty awesome 2011. Here's to an even better 2012!!

  20. looks like you had a fantastic 2011! Here's to hoping 2012 will be just as great :)

  21. What a great year you've had!! And love the photo collage!

  22. what a year!!

    Very Cute Blog!

    your newest follower :)



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