Feb 6, 2012

getting S M A S Hed

No, some drunk crazy person has not taken over my blog,
I'm talking about the new show SMASH that airs tonight on NBC.

I'm planning on watching it. 
Are you?
Here are some of the stars in the show that I'm
looking forward to watching.
Anything that has to do with fame, music, and fashion -I'm in.

All of these SMASH images are from SMASH's Facebook page.
Hope they don't sue me.
I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Katharine McPhee
and Debra Messing the most. I love Katharine's voice
and have been a fan of hers since American Idol.
So are you getting SMASHed tonight?
By the time you read this you might have already watched it.

What did you think? I can't wait!!


  1. im quite curious about this show. not many shows come on here in norway at the same time they make their debut in the states, but i think this one is. and im really curious about it :)

  2. Sounds like a great show! Hope we get it in the UK soon. I've seen Raza Jaffrey in a few shoes and he's a great actor!

  3. I'm definitely intrigued by the show. I haven't seen it because it's in a time slot with other shows that I like, but I think 9once the season is over, I'll catch it on dvd or something. I'm a big fan of shows with music too!

  4. I've been a fan of Kat's since Idol as well! I even bought her CD several years ago, hehe. It wasn't that good, but her voice was so beautiful in it. Sigh.

    I recorded this show and plan on watching it some time this weekend. I can't wait!!

  5. We love her, didn't get to catch the show! But we'll definitely have to check it out asap!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC,



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