Feb 4, 2012

ombre hair - hot or not?

It's been for forever since I've done a hot or not post
so I thought I would do one now!

You already know that I've covered and love the
tipped hair trend, but lately I've also been
seeing the ombre hair everywhere as well!
 Now, I know that sometimes the {ombre & tipped}
phrases intertwine according to the fashion world,
so ombre and tipped hair is essentially the same.
However, since I've seen the blonde and brown
hair with the phrase ombre the most, so I'm going
to stick with the term ombre for this hair trend post.

Believe it or not this look would actually be hard for me
to pull off. I'm a natural blonde so when my roots
grow out you can't really tell. I would have to get part of my
hair colored extremely blonde for my roots to show. 
I'm not sure if I'm in favor of getting my roots
darkened for this trend. If anything I think I would
like to get my tips colored. But first I would
need to grow out my hair, which 
I am in the process of doing.

Here's a inspiration board that I put together with
my favorite ombre pictures:
Pictures found on my: Tumblr / Pinterest 

If you need a good ombre & tipped hair resource
head on over to this Tumblr blog called Ombre Appreciation.

So what do you think - 
is ombre hair hot or not?

I think it is...HOT!


  1. i think it's fabulous if its subtle... nothing too crazy. =)

  2. I love Ombre hair! It looks so cool. Mine has only just grown out and I kind of miss it.

  3. Love it...so I got it done. Totally cute when my hair is totally done. Drawback: when it's not totally done...the dark on the top makes my hair look dirty. Which I can't stand!!! Not sure to keep this style or move on?

  4. I like it when its subtle. I think it looks great in all the pictures you posted.

  5. It looks cute on some people, but I don't think I could pull the look off. It would be fun to try, though! :D


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