Mar 16, 2012


I struggle with my weight. It's so hard to eat healthy and work out consistently. I really need to lose some weight and making up my mind to do it is challenging.

But...this post is challenging me. Thanks Michelle!

I'm much more of an introvert than I "appear" to be. I'd much rather sit at home and watch a movie then get together with a bunch of strangers I hardly know.

I have all of these grand plans to read all of these books but many of them sit on my shelf unread. I'm a collector of books, of sorts.

I always wait too long to order my contacts and then I'm stuck wearing glasses for a week while I wait for them to come in. Oops.

I'd rather eat chocolate covered gummy bears, rather than my breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Don't judge.

I love being a freelancer but it's frustrating when occasionally you get a client that doesn't pay. You put your trust in them...why can't they follow through and pay you for the work that's been done?

I'm a sunshine person. Rain makes me feel anxious and sad.

I always buy smaller purses only to realize a few minutes later that there's NO WAY I can fit all of my junk in there.

I love watching Sex and the City. Over and over and over again. BK doesn't understand it. What's to understand? ;)

I think American Idol this year is the best year of talent. Ever. Oh and I think Elise should win, even if she keeps on being put in the bottom 3.

I think watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is a complete waste of my time. But I still get sucked in and watch it every season. Every. Single. Time.

Sometimes I procrastinate. Pinning and Tweeting is so much more fun, right?

I have too many clothes. They are overflowing in my closet. And yet I work at home. What gives? Lol.

I think people should be nicer. There's too much bullying going around these days. Where's the love people?

I just watched a movie on Netflix called The Burning Plain. It was made in 2008. I happen to think that this film should have won best picture that year. Plus, ironically enough, it has Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games actress) in it. How ironic and cool is that?

Who else loves this mint green trend that's going on? Love it.

I'm really digging the new Pinterest layout. I like the most recent pin being large - it's fun! Don't know what I mean? Check out my Pinterest page & follow me - would love to follow your pins back! :)

I have a guest post here at My Many Moments Blog. It's all about patterned sofas. Love this trend!

California. Me. BK. 1 week. Beginning in a few short days!

{ You are going to be seeing a slew of guest posts and one AWESOME giveaway in the next week. That's because I'll be in CA with my love basking in the sun for one whole week! This is kind of my mini spring break, even though I'll still be working a bit. }

There's still my Juicy Couture GIVEAWAY going on - 4 more days. Low entries. Go enter please!!

If you have a spring break enjoy it!!


  1. Such a lovely and honest post! You seem like such a kind and wonderful person =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. I'm an introvert too. It's something I deal with on the daily because there's the constant pull between wanting to make more friends, but not wanting to deal with the initial awkwardness of meeting new people!

  3. Love all your confessions, I can relate to so many of them. Mainly the chocolate covered gummy bears haha. Also loving the mint green trend, too! And I hope your client pays up; I've gone through that too, and it's so frustrating.

    And you just made me realize Pinterest has a new layout! I'm so behind!

    Hope you have a great and relaxing weekend :)

  4. I am so with you - I can never get enough SATC and Friends! I could watch those DVDs over and over!

  5. I truly enjoyed reading this "Confessions" post. Not only is it a great way to get an inside peek at "Sierra" but also a great way to purge so many valid emotions, likes and dislikes.
    Maria XO

    Join in on the celebration at:

  6. It's around this time every year that I start to really get serious about wanting to lose weight . . . cause I know swimsuit season is coming up! I had been doing so well with running, but now it's pouring rain in SF and has been for days . . . it's not supposed to stop until at least next Tuesday! Ugh. You're right--it's so hard--so much easier to eat what we want and exercise occasionally. Losing weight takes discipline!

    I'm pretty jealous of your job! Working from home sounds dreamy :)

  7. I'm loving this post! Those are all great things that make you, you. Rock every single one. Trust me there are enough of us who love rain more then sun, we need someone to balance us out! Lol.

    Have fun here in Cali!

  8. I love this post. It's so honest. Oh, not that your other posts aren't honest but this feels like a fantastic Sierra post! ;) If you know what I mean!!!


  9. Ohh I love your confessions. I love each and every single contestant on Idol this year, like crazy good talent. And I still too get lured into Bach but keep wasting my time cause it's fun ....

  10. Love this post. I'm with you on the weight loss thing, it is not easy. Seattle hasn't gotten much of a summer lately, but it would be fun to wear cute shorts at least!

  11. Girl, I'm with you on getting back into shape. I'm hoping that blogging about it and reading some motivating blogs will help shed it! GOOD LUCK!!!

  12. How refreshing to read! I think we might have been separated at birth. Seriously I can relate to almost everything here. Thanks for being so honest!

  13. definitely always a challenge that you're not alone in! :) and i dont get why BK doesn't get you watching SATC over and over! :)

  14. I like your confessions! I'm a big time introvert too. Sometimes I love alone time, and sometimes I hate it!

  15. fun learning about fellow bloggers!
    I entered your give way too..thanks!

  16. I think you are absolutely gorgeous from the inside out.


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