Mar 21, 2012

Lose Weight with Mouth Watering Vegan Recipes - guest post by Jefferey

Hi Ocean Dreamers,

Have you ever had vegan food?
I have and it was really good! 
Here are some great tips on how to
lose weight by eating vegan recipes.
There's a lot of valuable information in this guest post, 
so soak it up and enjoy learning how to be healthy! 

P.S. Yesterday I had a smoothie with spinach in it
and it was amazing! It was rather green but
encouraged me to be healthier and eat lots of fruits
and veggies every day ! ;)


Lose Weight with Mouth Watering Vegan Recipes

The world is changing and many people are becoming vegans either because of the health benefits associated with it or the realisation and sensitivity to animals being slaughtered. Being vegan has a different meaning for people belonging to different regions around the world. Some people believe being vegan is eating only plant extracts that include fruits and vegetables. Others believe being vegan is eating plant extracts along with dairy products and are called as Lacto-vegetarian. Another set of people believe in eating vegetables, fruits, dairy products and eggs and are called as Lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Basically, what is common is excluding poultry, sea food and meat from the vegetarian category. A vegan diet generally includes only plant extracts and no dairy products or eggs.

·         Vegetarian diet is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits are a rich source of fibre and folate. They are rich in phytochemicals which help the prevention of many chronic diseases.
·         Green leafy vegetables and fruits like blueberry and strawberry are cancer-fighting agents because of their high antioxidant content. They help in fighting against cancers like stomach, prostrate, breast and colon cancer.
·         Vegetarian diet is low in fat content, animal protein and cholesterol. It helps in keeping the heart healthy and weight under control. It also helps in controlling hypertension.
·         Vegetables and fruits are effective against diabetes and kidney diseases.
·         Fibrous diet helps in keeping a good gastro-intestinal health. This type of diet helps in relieving constipation and improves digestion.
·         Vegetables and fruits help in maintaining the proper functioning of the brain and protect it against diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


There are certain disadvantages too related to a vegan diet. A vegan diet is low in protein because of no eggs and animal protein. Therefore in a vegan diet, a diet rich in tofu, soyabean and milk must be followed. Vegan diets can lead to calcium and vitamin B12 deficiencies. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause depression and low energy levels in humans. Milk and milk products are a good source of vitamin-D, deficiency of Vitamin-D can lead to osteoporosis and joint pains. Therefore, it is very important to fill up your deficiencies either by substitutes or supplements.

A vegetarian diet can be unhealthy too, if a lot of processed and high calorie foods are included in the diet like burgers, fries and fizzy drinks. High fat content foods should be avoided and a low carbohydrate diet should be followed keeping a balance between fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

A vegetarian diet can also be made fulfilling and nutritious by keeping following things in mind:

§         Eat three to five servings of multi-grains in your diet.
§         Eat a variety of vegetables, preferably three to four different types in a day.
§         Include three to four different types of fruits like strawberries, blueberries, banana etc.
§         Two servings of legumes or beans must be eaten along.
§         Little olive or canola oil, nuts like almonds, hazelnuts raisins and flaxseeds.
§         A portion of egg and dairy products like soyamilk.




§         4 cups chopped spinach
§         A box of Plain couscous
§         2 tablespoon vegetable broth
§         Mozarella cheese (vegan) half cup
§         4 tablespoon olive oil
§         8 big tomatoes
§         1 tablespoon pine nuts


§         Take a saucepan, add 2 tablespoon of olive oil. Heat it and add pine nuts, spinach, vegetable broth and couscous which is cooked as per the instructions on the pack.
§         Cook the mixture and make the spinach tender. Keep the mixture aside.
§         Take the tomatoes and chop the head of the tomatoes and empty their pulp. Rub a little olive oil on the tomatoes.
§         Bake these tomatoes in the oven for approximately twenty minutes till they become little crisp.
§         After baking the tomatoes, fill them with the spinach mixture. Bake them for ten more minutes.
§         Sprinkle mozarella cheese on the tomatoes and bake them for another five minutes to add the final touch by melting the cheese and serve them.


For frying purposes:
§         Tofu in a crumbled form One lb
§         Olive oil
§         Chopped onion (small)
§         Green chilli (chopped)
§         Salt and pepper as per taste

For the cheesy sauce:
§         Flour half a cup
§         Water two cups
§         Mustard yellow one teaspoon
§         Garlic powdered one teaspoon
§         Yeast half a cup
§         Margarine (vegan) four tablespoons

§         For frying, take a pan and heat it with some olive oil in it.
§         Saute green chillies and onion in it for about two minutes. Put aside in the pan.
§         Put crumbled tofu in the middle of the pan and roast it till it becomes golden.
§         Mix tofu, green chillies and onions together and keep aside.
§         For the sauce, mix flour, garlic powder, yeast and water in a utensil. Then put it on fire and keep stirring continuously till the mixture starts to boil.
§         Take the utensil off heat and add yellow mustard sauce and margarine to it. Mix them well.
§         Pour this sauce over the scrambled tofu and mix them well. Heat the pan slightly and the dish is ready to be served.

The article is a contribution by Jefferey Morgan, being a fitness expert he has great knowledge on healthy foods that help you to stay fit, his exceptional knowledge also gives him motivation to write great articles, visit his site to know how to get ripped fast and know more about him with Get This Ripped.


  1. Some very yummy options! Loving the stuffed tomatoes! :)

  2. I'm not Vegan but totally down to eat that way! there are some amazing food options there!~

  3. I eat vegan occassionally. I'm lucky enough to have a few good vegan restaurants nearby my apartment. :)

    That tofu scramble looks delish!


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