Mar 23, 2012

Spring Time Equals Style Time - guest post by Ash

Hi loves, I'm still having fun in CA so my friend Ash is going
to entertain you with some lovely spring time style ideas!
Enjoy! xoxo.


Spring Time Equals Style Time

Ah, spring -- flowers blooming, birds chirping and best of all, fewer layers to weigh down your wardrobe. So with warmer weather knocking at the door, you don't want to trade your snow boots for last year's flip-flops. Instead, satisfy your need for brighter hues and lighter fabrics with these tips for making this season's spring trends functional for both day and night.

For the Office
Can't wait for that Caribbean getaway this summer? Bring the sand and waves to the cubicle early by sporting a classic straight-leg white pant with a coral or turquoise blouse. Top it off with some matching wedges, gold bangles and a pastel manicure, and your office look will wash away the Monday blues with effortless class. If, however, your job calls for a uniform, it does not mean you need to disappear into a sea of fellow co-workers. Stand out from the crowd with a brightly colored silicon banded watch or a bright pink lip-stain and gloss.
Wine and Dine

Nothing says boring like that drab black dress, tights and boots you've been hiding under all winter long. Shed dark neutrals and dare to bare some leg with a sparkling sequin mini paired with a similarly colored silk blouse. As always, shoes complete the look with some sky-high heel, but spring's popular trend is a nude pump that elongates the leg and subtly draws the eye upward. Keep in mind, however, that if winter has left your skin looking a little lack-luster, slather on an exfoliator to buff away dry skin and finish it off with a moisturizing lotion with a bronzer in it.
Outdoor Fun

Since the weather's warmer, it's finally time to venture outdoors again. If rollerblading, or biking is your thing, try incorporating the season's neon trends into your look by creatively pairing your knee and elbow pads with a brightly hued sports bra and head band! If you're a golfer, try hitting the links in a light pair of khakis, a crisp pastel polo and a great pair of ecco golf shoes.
Don't Forget the Hair

Your hair is as important to your look as your clothes. Since today's girl is as busy as she has ever been, who has time for those giant Kardashian waves that were "so 2011?" If you are forward-thinking and in need of a look that goes from bed-head to chic with a little texturizing paste and the swift tassle of the hair, consider visiting your hairdresser for the hot new pixie cut made popular by Michelle Williams. If you aren't quite ready to lop your locks, try rocking a sexy beach wave. You can keep your length and still look put together with a little sea-salt spray and some carefully placed highlights.
Be Yourself

Remember, spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. There is no better time to step out and explore fashions, but be sure to be true to yourself in the process. After all, trends come and go, but the clothes you wear from year to year should always be a reflection of who you are.


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Have a great weekend Ocean Dreamers!
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  1. Beach waves and bright pink lipstick are going to be my go-tos this summer. I can't wait!

  2. I just ordered my first pair of white jeans yesterday from Zara!

  3. I'm trying to explore new colors for my wardrobe. I'm hoping to incorporate lots more color in the future! I tend to gravitate more with it should be fun. :)


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