Apr 22, 2012

do you believe in destiny?

I haven't been blogging because I needed a bit of a break. I never like to write if I'm not in the mood (unless it's work related of course), so I thought I would take a break and soak up some sun in AZ and it was nice. I also got lots of puppy time with Tikko. But now I'm writing again and making my way back to Utah as well! But - I'm also going to be back in AZ again soon as well as CA. What can I say...I love to travel! ;)

Last night I watched the film The Lucky One, after spending a few hours yesterday finishing up the book. I wanted to go to the film knowing that I had read the book and I'm really glad I did! Both the book and the movie were really good, but a few things were left out in the movie that I wish could have been written into the movie's plot line.

This isn't a spoiler, but the film left out the relationship aspect because Zeus (the dog) and Ben, Beth's son. I realize that there might have been too many character aspects to cover so that part had to be dropped, but I missed it. I felt like a huge part of the story is the bond with the dogs and they left that part out. There are a few scenes but not enough to get that message across. However, the love story was amazing. Overall the film was still really good and oh my goodness does Zac Effron have amazing chemistry with the actress in the film!! Steamy!!

This book and movie brought up a lot of good things to think about and one main element I especially thought about was the topic of destiny. For such a long time I've been back and forth about this word destiny. Do I believe in it? Do I not?

Since I'm a Christian I've always believed that God has an ultimate plan for each of us and that He knows the plan before it unfolds. But when it comes to destiny...does that take away our free will? Or does it simply mean that we are "destined" to be with someone or have something happen? It's just something to think about and something I think about sometimes.

The hopeless romantic in me tells me that I was indeed destined to meet BK and fall in love. After all, the timing was perfect. I was wounded, in pain, and was in need of my prince charming. I fell for him when I least expected it and we are the perfect fit. Of course I know God had a hand in it but a part of me also wonders if that is what you define as destiny. Was I destined to meet BK? What would have happened if I would have met him in a different time and place?
BK says if I would have met him when he was in his 20s (well if we were the same age, lol) he might have not been interested in me because he wasn't the person that he is now. That makes sense and I didn't get offended by that remark because I of all people know what it means to change. If you meet the person that you spend the rest of your life with when it's not the right timing you might not end up with them. So in that sense I do believe that destiny does indeed exist. It has to be the right timing and it almost always is and if it isn't sometimes things don't go as planned.

However, back to freedom of choice - we choose who we end up with. We also need to be proactive and not let love and life pass us by. And we should also understand that our choices determine our future. However, even if we didn't choose that person, do they choose us too? Yes, they do. It's a two way street in love...but that doesn't take away my burning question - does destiny exist?

I think it does in a sense but we still have a freedom of choice. But perhaps destiny is just a grand term for God's plan for our lives and what He has in store for us. At least that is how I like to define it. I happen to like how God has slowly revealed His plan to me and personally I can't wait to find out more. I feel like life is just beginning and becoming ever greater and that there is so much more in store for me. Beyond falling in love there's learning more about yourself and discovering your destiny as a person too. I think that's pretty amazing too.

Destiny of self and destiny in love. 

Do you believe in destiny?


  1. good post. i can't wait to see this movie. i think God writes our destiny. He's in control of it. like BK said if he had met you earlier, you might not have worked out. i think God knew that :)) so He orchestrated the meeting a little later in BK's life! hope you enjoyed some r&r!

  2. Fiance' didn't want to see a chick flick so we opted for American Reunion. I have been hesitant to see this film. Simply because I have not really liked the last few films that came from Nicholas Sparks books. (picking Miley Cyrus as a cast I think put me over the edge a bit LOL) The only 2 movies I REALLY liked and thought were spot on with the books were The Notebook and Message in a Bottle.

    As far as destiny goes, that's tricky. I'd like to believe whole heartedly that everyone has a "path" they are/we are all suppose to travel down in life!

  3. great post!

    Thanks 2 you I have the book and I am almost done reading and will be watching the movie maybe today.

    I always thought Zac Effron was ugly / too young and the previews of this movie I take it all back. He is so HOT in the previews and I can't wait to see the chemistry between him and the girl.

  4. I saw the movie and thought it was good. I never got the chance to read the book first, but I was watching the film from a different point of view as I was reviewing it.
    Zac Efron was great, but sadly I'm a bit of a love cynic, so didn't get much out of the film!

  5. Hi Sierra,
    I'm such a big fan of Nicholas Sparks & of course the Notebook. (who isn't right? :)
    Well, I haven't seen this new movie but now you have peaked my interest for sure.
    Hope you enjoyed Arizona, it's on my immediate cities to visit, definitely for the sunsets.
    Hope you have a great week darling!xo


  6. Hi Sierra - now I want to get that book and see the movie! :>

    On the subject of destiny....hmmm, I read somewhere that it differs greatly from fate - destiny is related to 'destination' and refers to what we become, whereas fate describes what one is. Also destiny is what we do with fate, how we play the hands we're dealt, how we choose to respond to it and the resulting choices we make....

    Great post!! Thanks for that today, have a lovely week sweetie!

  7. beautiful post, definitely worth thinking about... God is just so cool :) xoxo linds of http://www.rubygirlblog.com/

  8. I really want to read the book and see the movie!

  9. Beautiful post, wonderful book, great movie. I wonder these same things too. No solid answers, but it's fun to think on:)

  10. I love what you shared! I've always believed in destiny, but that we have freedom to choose. And whichever route we choose will takes us to different destinations.Not sure if that makes since, but well...that's just how I've always felt. I guess we will never really know until we reach the other side!


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