Apr 10, 2012

Fred Perry and Adidas Originals

Many UK high street retailers prosper in the UK, but never venture outside it. Fred Perry, however, is the latest fashion house to open a brand new shop in the East. And it has chosen a rather unlikely destination – Jakarta, Indonesia – compared to Ted Baker, who have recently expanded to Tokyo.

The Fred Perry Authentic Store opened on March 15, and is the first of the brand’s stores in Indonesia. Indonesian television presenter, Rahmah Umayya, was asked what she thought of Perry’s venture into Indonesia, to which she answered: “I love its classic, elegant style. While other brands are becoming louder and flashier, Fred Perry remains true to its heritage.” The brand, similarly to adidas Originals, has stayed true to its original vision and designs, creating a timeless legacy and effortless style for wearers to enjoy. 
Established in 1940, the brand was born after Austrian footballer, Tibby Wegner, teamed up with Fred Perry, Wimbledon tennis champion, to create a brand focused solely on sportswear and accessories. However, it wasn’t until 1952 that Fred Perry launched its most iconic garment – the slim-fit polo shirt, embroidered with its trademark laurel wreath logo. Well-known photographer, Yongki Hermawan, was invited to the shop’s gala opening, and is another big Fred Perry fan. He added: “That’s exactly why I love the brand. The laurel wreath symbolises victory. I hope the brand will also bring me victory in everything I do.”

Nicholas Schaefer, co-owner of Shakehand Stores Indonesia, was also present: “The response has been fantastic, more than what we’d expected. Fred Perry is iconic. It’s something that I grew up with in London. I’ve had fond memories with the brand, so, to bring it here to Jakarta, over halfway across the world, makes me very happy.”

Fred Perry has become synonymous with street style, and has always walked hand in hand with a range of musical subcultures. For the first time, however, it is now crossing an entirely different set of cultural and geographical lines. The best part, for both Yongki and Rahmah, is that they don’t have to travel to get their Fred Perry fix any longer. “Now we don’t need to go to Singapore anymore,” Rahmah added. “We can easily get Fred Perry here in Jakarta. The shop has updated collections at similar prices, minus the traveling costs and all the hassles.”


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