Apr 1, 2012

little joys from the week - seeing Cindy and The Hunger Games

This week was such a fun week. My friend from High School (who's more like a sister to me since she lived with my family and I for a year in 2003), came to visit and I hadn't seen her in years. We went shopping, caught up by having long girl talks, went to a new shopping mall that just opened in Salt Lake City, and ate plenty of yummy food. It was so nice spending quality time with a girlfriend. Usually when I get together with a friend I'm pressed for time or transportation is an issue. Since I have my car in Utah seeing her was much easier and I was able to hang out with her as long as I liked. It was nice making brand new memories with her again too.

Cindy is from Taiwan. She came to the US as a foreign exchange student back in 1999 I believe. We both graduated together in 2003. So it's almost been 10 years since we went to High School! Crazy. Through the years we've both been through a lot of changes in our lives, but it was so easy picking up our friendship where we left of. I think that's one amazing things about friendships. If it's a real friend it's easy to pick it back up without difficulty. Cindy is still that fun outgoing girl that's both very real and beautiful. I'll forever cherish our friendship and hope it's not many more years until I see her again. She went back to Taiwan today and I'll miss her. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to see her in Taiwan in the future!

{Cindy and I in front of a yummy bakery we went to.}
{Cindy loves to make silly faces.}
{Getting ready to see The Hunger Games. Yep - I finally saw it!!}
My thoughts on The Hunger Games? I liked the film but thought the book was better, of course. The movies never compare to the books. But - I loved the chemistry between Peeta and Katniss and I thought all of the characters were cast well. Even though a few characters from the book were left out and the mockingjay pin story was changed, I still thought the movie was great.
 {Yes I know I'm a dork! ha ha.}

{Don't read below if you don't want the ending of the movie spoiled!!} 

The ending of the movie was totally different than the book - but I can see why the producers did it that way. This film wasn't originally supposed to be picked up for a sequel or series. So, the producers ended the film the best way that they could. Hence why the plot where Katniss reveals to Peeta that she was "making up being in love with him" is left out. It was kind of fun thinking that Katniss was in love with him in the movie, but I knew better since I'd read the books.
I think leaving the part out where Katniss tells Peeta that she was not in love with him was the only way that they could end the movie well. Of course they still left us guessing what's going on inside of her head and what would happen to the characters after the ending. It makes us believe that she is truly in love with Peeta, but the readers really know that she's not aware that she's in love with him yet. As you and I both know {if you've read the series,} Katniss goes back and forth on who she really loves for quite a while before making up her mind. Plus - she's really not focused on Peeta as much in the second book because she's trying to rescue everyone. Which I also love about this series btw. It's more focused on a female heroine as opposed to solely making it into a romance like Twilight.

Anyway, if you read all that good job! We all know by now that the film is definitely going to be picked up for more films since it is doing amazingly well in the box office. I can't wait either! The third book is rather sad but the ending of the series is worth it all. 

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress, don't you think?! Her expressions were amazing and I really found myself feeling her angst and pain through the film. Peeta surprised me too - I wasn't sure if I would like the actor but I thought he did quite well.

What did you think of The Hunger Games if you saw it?
I loved it! {Of course!}
What a great week. Meeting a lovely friend and seeing The Hunger Games. 
Oh - and pay day too {around the 31st!} Yaaay!

Tomorrow I'm going shopping again with another friend.
Yes, I'm going during the day because I can.
Sorry - I know I'm boasting.
Wow, I'm thoroughly enjoying the spring time weather.
Hope you get the opportunity to get out and about 
and enjoy the weather!

Hope you have a great start to your week!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your friend. She seems great.
    I found a cinema in Qatar that showed the Hunger Games, and loved the movie. Although I agree with you about the ending, I did like how this movie wasn't solely about Katniss' emotions with Peeta (I wish I could marry Peeta).
    It'll be interesting to see how/if they do the 2nd movie.

  2. Sounds like you had a blast! There's nothing quite like hanging with an old friend, shopping and catching a great flick!

  3. that is so fun! i always begged my parents to host one but it never happened. what a special and unique relationship!

  4. how fun! I wanna go see it too!


  5. I can't wait to see this movie! Shopping...always a fabulous idea...giggle...

    ~ Regina - Head Glam Gal at Margarita Bloom


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