Apr 8, 2012

no greater love

There's no love that's wiser, that's stronger,
that lasts longer, that's more willing or thrilling.
There's no love more beautiful, more bountiful,
more bold, more basic and unbiased.
There's no love more gracious, more giving,
more living, more sacred, more selfless,
more soul-satisfying, more pure and undying.
There's no love more verifiable, more valuable,
more validating, more victorious, more glorious.
There's no love more precious, more costly, more kingly.
There's no love that's greater-that's more wonderful,
more wild, more passionate, more powerful - than the love of Jesus.
- via Dayspring


  1. Hope you had a great Easter time with your family!
    Love, Olga

  2. Amen...No greater love! Bless you, sweet friend...Happy Easter!


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