May 13, 2012

are you wearing quality jeans?

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a ‘jean lover,’ it’s likely that denim – in one way or another – has managed to find its way into your wardrobe. Since denim first made its mark as a simple and sturdy material worn by workers in the late 19th century, this extremely versatile and timeless material has dominated the manufacturers’ machines, taking centre stage in fashion outlets across the world.

Despite a seemingly endless choice of styles, colours, fits, cuts, washes and prices, the humble pair of jeans is, ironically, one of the most difficult items of clothing to shop for. Alongside this great range of choice, denim jeans also diverge considerably in quality.

Here’s what to look out for when searching for a quality pair of jeans:

The price

Whilst paying more for jeans doesn’t always guarantee quality, generally speaking, the more you pay for a pair of jeans, the higher in quality they are likely to be. Jeans are priced differently because of the different factors and components that go into the manufacturing process. For example, ‘regular’ quality jeans are often made with a technique known as ‘warp and weft’, whereby one fibre goes in one direction and another fibre in a different direction entirely. Higher quality jeans are usually made with a special spindle known as a ring spun, which spins the cotton more unevenly, giving the fabric more character and depth. Whilst this is a slower, lengthier and more complicated process than the traditional denim-making technique, it usually results in a stronger and more durable product, with a more stylish look. This gives you the higher quality, the longer lifeline and the bigger price tag! 

Very’s Superdry jeans are made with skill, patience and with the use of the latest technology. As a result, they’re famed for being particularly tough and durable. Investing in a more expensive pair of jeans can often prove to be more cost-effective than a cheaper pair, as it usually means you won’t have to keep replacing them with new ones. 

The trimmings

Less expensive jeans usually feature fittings and trimmings, such as zips, buttons, pockets and belts, by cutting the cost of the fabric and keeping the manufacturing costs down. Higher quality jeans, on the other hand, don’t need to use such features or gimmicks in order to convey style and quality.


  1. I love wearing denim, and like to think I know a good pair. I have a few really expensive pairs and a few cheaper pairs, which both work well for me. It's the ones in the middle that aren't that great.

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    Great post:) I LOVE jeans..Im a addict haha:) My boyfriend bought a pair of divine TIGER jeans last week. They look very good in the.....:)

    I hope you will follow me also.

    LOVE Maria at


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