May 25, 2012

The beautiful Atlantic Ocean and coastline of Virginia - guest post by Robert

I'm currently shopping and having fun with my mom and aunt in Orange County, CA. I have to admit I'm having lots of fun. Please enjoy another guest post - this time about the coast of Virginia! I'd love to go someday. ;)


No matter if we are older or younger, we all love the sea and ocean don't we?  When we are at the beach we all forget what age we are, and play in the sand and water as if we are kids.  The beach is a place where our heart and soul heals. If you are one among the ocean lovers who enjoys the ocean charm, then get ready. Fill up your ESTA visa application, plan your days and enter the wonder land with your ESTA US Visas if you don't live in the US already.

The Atlantic Ocean and coastline of Virginia is a beautiful place where you can feel like yourself again and heal from all the pains and depression.

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world. With 112 miles of coastline, Virginia is attracting people with its famous beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. These beaches also have plenty of wildlife – from sea-birds to wild ponies.

Besides enjoying the movement of the waves, there are different activities at the water that are attracting everyone from kids to senior citizens. Within Virginia limits seniors can find their own way to stay active and health. Seniors can go with walking along the beach area, go for early morning meditation, and also they can also go for sunbathing, which is good for health. Golf is a game of relaxation which also attracts people. In this game both the participants and spectators can enjoy. 
Kids can enjoy wild life viewing opportunities, canoe trail, water sports and many other indoor adventures. 

Famous beaches across Virginia coast and Atlantic Ocean

Chesapeake Bay beaches are the famous and beautiful beaches which rest in northern most portion of Atlantic coast. These beaches provide a better home for more than 185 species of birds. Northern shore beaches rests across the northern shores of Assateague and Chincoteague islands. Eastern beaches are located at the southern tip of peninsula harboring the bay. Virginia Beach regions and Back Bay region comprises of many famous and beautiful beaches. These beaches with their warmth attract people who come there and providing entertainment and relaxation for them.

Most attractive places at the Virginia coast

Virginia has many interesting places for people of all ages. These places include famous beaches, Virginia science Museum, Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel and Oceana naval air station. Virginia Beach, which is within 35 miles of the ocean provides people entertainment and amusement. Virginia also has many resorts and hotels with a variety of delicious dishes to dine in.

So, hurry up! If you live out of country, fill up your ESTA US visa application today. Plan properly and enjoy all the places of beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Coastline of Virginia.

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Written by Robert Hall a Tech writer with a travel obsession – catch me

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