May 15, 2012

Homemade Dog Food for Your Furbaby

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As you know I've been in Arizona for the past week puppy sitting a sweet puppy named Tikko. I still have another week to go! Not only has my time here been enjoyable, I've learned a lot about how to properly take care of Tikko! Before I thought it would be difficult taking care of a dog, but if they are properly trained (which Tikko is,) they are much easier to care for. So I guess when I get a dog I better train him or her correctly! ;)

{ Tikko resting his head on my leg. Just precious. }

In regards to taking care of Tikko, he eats his doggie food twice daily and if I'm a little bit late feeding him, he definitely lets me know! He lets me know by pushing his plate around or stairing at me with his big puppy dog eyes, letting me know that I need to feed him asap! :)

{ Tikko sunbathing with me near the pool}

Speaking of dog food, there's an awesome site that recommends feeding Homemade dog food to your pup. I checked it out and this seems like a great alternative to store bought dog food. Did you know that dogs have powerful acids in their stomachs that allow them to eat raw meat without a problem? I didn't know this. If you are thinking - oh my gosh, my dog is going to get sick, read on. According to Homemade Dog Food,dogs pick up most worms from the soil and flea bites, NOT raw dog food.

BUT - If you are feeling cautious about feeding raw food to your furbaby (to be honest I am but I would love to read more about this), then try the Easy cooked dog food recipe! Either way I'm going to keep this site in mind when I get a dog someday and also spread the word about it too.

What kind of food do you feed your puppy? Why not try a homemade dog food recipe to switch things up!

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  1. what a little cuttie! Thats like my dream puppy lol I will get one like that one day, i will! lol

  2. Thanks for the recipes, I think I'll try the cooked one for my furbaby. Tikko is adorable!

  3. My neighbor is a vet and she said there's a big risk for getting sick from a raw food diet (for both your dog and you) so if it were me, I would run the puppy's diet by your own vet! :) I think it's great to find alternatives to processed food but I would be worried about making sure my dog is getting all the necessary nutrients. I'd be interested to hear how it goes!

  4. Tikko is so cute! what kind of dog is he!


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