May 8, 2012

say cheese! guest post by Ashley

I'm on my way to AZ to doggie sit again! So in the mean time, please enjoy a guest post by my friend Ash.  


Say Cheese!

Nothing makes your face radiate more than a beautiful, glowing smile. Everyone wants a grin they can be proud of, and fortunately, there are many ways of achieving that goal. After all, your smile is your best accessory; you deserve to know how to keep it bright, white and, above all, healthy.

Professional Tooth Care

From time to time, it’s necessary to seek professional tooth care to keep your smile in tip-top shape. These visits start with twice-per-year cleanings and examinations, although you may also want to invest in occasional in-office tooth whitening treatments to whiten your smile. If your teeth aren’t perfectly straight or could use some cosmetic revisions, discuss with your dentist or orthodontist the possible treatment plans that could benefit your overall dental health.
 For example, many health insurance and dental plans include benefits for orthodontics and braces, which can help align the teeth into a more favorable and natural looking position than they have taken on their own. If you’re interested in braces but don’t want to sport a mouth full of metal, find out if your dentist or dental plan offers invisible orthodontics, which are more fashionable and discreet than traditional braces.


The make-up you choose can have a profound impact on the appearance of your smile. Bright pink and red lip polishes are great for accenting white teeth, and you can draw even more attention to your smile with a glossy finish. Try to avoid lip colors that are particularly muted or nude, however, as these shades can accentuate the teeth less than brighter colors.
In addition to lip hues, your complexion also has the ability to enhance your smile -- especially if you’re particularly tan or dark-skinned. But if your skin is pale or lighter in color, consider using a bronzer or self-tanner to bring out golden tones in your skin that can offset a white smile. Just be sure to stay away from the tanning beds and sun, as excessive tanning may lead to skin cancer.

Hygiene and Diet

It’s impossible to have a healthy, white smile if you don’t take care of your teeth at home. Invest in a quality toothbrush and whitening toothpaste that’s both effective for removing plaque. You can choose a toothpaste that’s also helpful in preventing enamel stains from common foods and beverages like coffee, tea and wine. Be sure to brush for approximately two minutes, two to three times per day. Follow-up with daily flossing and a mouthwash to keep your breath smelling fresh and your teeth pearly white.
In addition to caring for your teeth with proper hygiene, you should also analyze your dietary habits to make sure you’re doing everything you can to build strong, healthy teeth that can last for decades. Vitamin D and calcium, for example, are essential to building strong teeth -- especially during pregnancy. You can get these essential nutrients from fatty fishes, exposure to the sun, fortified milk and supplements. Other helpful dietary staples include fluoridated water, phosphorus and vitamin A.


  1. I love the print on that dress, not sure why but it reminds me of my clothing when i was a child, in Ukraine...

  2. Great post...I know so many people who don't take proper care of their teeth and it pains me. :(


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