Jun 4, 2012

beautiful braids for a beachy vibe

Wow it's June! Can you believe it?!

On Wednesday the 6th I'm guest posting at Selma's blog, so be sure to go and check it out! Thank you!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. I took today off which is rare for me since having your own business takes a lot of time. I also worked out 6 days this week (or I guess I should say last week since tomorrow is Monday), thanks to my amazing boyfriend who continues to motivate me to keep going strong (even though secretly I think he's Bob from the Biggest Loser with the way he checks up on how my work out is going ha ha). We also went to the beach briefly and ate some yummy food. It was a wonderful weekend but now I'm beat.
Since whenever I'm in Cali I like to observe all of the wonderful hairstyles, one hairstyle that I keep on seeing and loving are braids. Now obviously I wouldn't be able to pull off a beach braid without having longer hair or hair extensions, (today I tried to keep a braid in my hair and failed miserably due to my semi-short hair and layers), but non the less it was still fun seeing this beachy and bohemian look on other beach goers. 
So until I grow my hair out (it's about a few inches past my collar bone), or get some hair extensions, I'll just have to be content with looking at the all of the beautiful braids I see. Plus, there is always Pinterest and other forms of social media where I'll continue to stalk braid pictures, wishing my hair was longer so I could braid my hair like this too.

Long enough to where the layers can come out yet a bit, this lovely laid shows off her locks in a long braid with a few layers poking out here and there. The side braid is simple yet sweet, perfect to go with her striped tee for a bold statement. Very cute, right?
Fishtale braids are just as cute, especially when worn during vacation or on the beach. This blogger, from Running on Happiness has the perfect fishtale braid surrounded by fun accessories like friendship bracelets and more. I love this look.
This braid is just gorgeous because of course it is a beach braid, but beyond that I love that she did a separate braid on the top portion of her hair first, followed by a fishtale braid down the rest of her hair. This entire braid is a masterpiece and perfect for the beach. 
If I could style my hair like this I think I would do it every time I go to the beach. The french braid shows off her hair color beautifully and the way it is pulled up in the back keeps her hair off of her back, which is also ideal. Love this entire beachy braid look!
At some point in time it would be so much fun to not only have longer braids in my hair once more, but to have colored hair. Maybe not hot pink, but blue or pink streaks or having tipped hair would be fun.

I'm loving all of the braids and the longer your hair is, the better the braid looks, in my opinion. So I hope my hair grows fast so that I can braid away and seize the day while having braided locks. 

Every beachy girl needs her braided hair while she's soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean! ;)


  1. I love braids. I still can't do the french or fishtail braid properly, but I need to learn. Braids are such a perfect look for the summer.

  2. Braids must be so big in California right now! Another Cali blog I read (for me for you) just did an instagram a day series with a new braid each day.

    I'm feeling inspired now! thx

  3. Love braids!!z doing the fishtail next week for a tutorial on my blog.

  4. I love braids! But I'm not good at braiding my hair at all :( I think my hair is a bit too thin to make a good bread. But that's sad, because like you said; it's a great style for the beach! :)

  5. So I was always sad that I braided my hair funny - which is backwards. But now I know that's an actual type of braid yay!

    That's the only kind I know how to do though. I love braids and wish I could rock more styles!

  6. The ideas in this blog are spectacular and very tasteful.

  7. I would give anything for my hair to look like that!!!

  8. I don't wear braids very often but when I do, I always love it. My hair is long but has lots of layers so they slip out sometimes. I'm learning to embrace the messy look!

  9. I need longer hair to do all of this! ;)


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