Jun 19, 2012


I admit before NBC's Smash I really didn't know that much about Marilyn Monroe, besides the obvious that she was a sparkling star who's life was snuffed out way too soon. But as I watched the first season of Smash unfold I grew to love Marilyn's character, and how she was portrayed on the television show.

Now I'm anxious to learn more about Marilyn. I want to watch her movies and hear her sultry voice. Just watching Katherine McPhee play the part of Marilyn (love her picture above), on Smash has made me fall in love with her and my interest in Marilyn has only just begun. She's was stunning beauty who followed her dreams and her vulnerability made her all the more gorgeous in every single way.
I don't know why I've never been interested in learning more about Marilyn until now. I've never been one to get caught up in in celebrity icons and if I do it's fleeting. Marilyn in a sense was just a part of me growing up. She was there in passing but I never cared to learn more about her. To be honest I wasn't even that excited to learn that her story would become the sole focus of the show Smash. Marilyn's story line became a full blown show called "Bombshell" in the TV show (and hopefully a "smash"). Which by the way, I would love to see "Bombshell" on Broadway if they ever released it in NYC.
Anyway, back to how my interest in Marilyn grew. Due to my love of music I found myself yearning to learn more about Marilyn this past year. Then when I watched the season finale of Smash yesterday (I'm all caught up!), I was blown away by the finale song sung by Katherine McPhee. Sure, Katherine doesn't have Marilyn's body type or personality, but I love the pop twist. Plus - Katherine did a great job at pulling off Marilyn's sexy vibe and dazzling personality in the scenes I watched this season on Smash.

Now I've found myself wanting to get to know the real Marilyn more and more. Just by pinning pictures on Pinterest and looking at her graceful style I've slowing been getting hints of who the real Marilyn was and I think she was something pretty special.
There was something insanely vulnerable and lovely about Marilyn. She went against the grain and followed her dreams, but at the same time she never truly felt loved or needed. It saddens me that she felt this way and that she never felt love from her parents. She was desirable to many, but she never truly appreciated her own talents. If only she would have realized how much she had to offer. I wish that she could have found that self love that she so desperately needed to live her life and succeed. She had so much more left to give.

She was indeed a star and not only was she beautiful, but I think she was wise too. I'm curious what happened between her and Joe DiMaggio and after watching the film My Week with Marilyn (such a great movie!!), I'm also very curious as to what other lives she effected. She clearly was a woman who made her mark on men, on fashionistas in the past and today, and of course our world.
The direction that Smash is portraying Marilyn is a powerful one. The show gently reminds its viewers to never forget her and to learn from her mistakes. Through the song's powerful lyrics it also tells us that instead of looking at her life as a tragedy, it's important to look for the good in the situation, as hard as that may seem. Even though she died tragically, she's not to be forgotten. We should embrace the good in Marilyn and help others as she would want us to do (as Smash suggests).

In fact, by learning from Marilyn's death, it's important that we take the time to love the unlovable. Marilyn didn't feel loved, but we can help others find that love that they deserve and so often seek.
Marilyn was a bomshell and a star who followed her dreams. I think if I can apply just an ounce of what Marilyn exemplified in her own life I would be extremely grateful.


  1. Oh Marilyn...I like her a lot. She had her ups and downs, but still embodied beauty, perfection and imperfection at the same time. :) And she was a June baby! :D

  2. She really was stunning, wasn't she. One of the most beautiful women of all time.

  3. lovely! I really like it!


  4. What a great message in your post. Very inspiring. I would love to know more about Marilyn too now!

  5. I love how we as a society used to embrace curves! She had such a beautiful and "womanly" figure.

  6. What a beautiful tribute!

  7. I agree! I've always loved Marilyn, but SMASH totally helped my love grow:) I love the pictures of her on the beach, because she looks so happy and healthy, and THAT, to me, is beauty!


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