Jun 25, 2012

Fashion to Go - guest post by Ash

While I'm headed up to Northern CA with my BK, please enjoy a guest post by my friend Ash! 
If you’re like me, you love an organized closet, but lack a personal maid to keep track of you and your belongings. It’s hard to remember to pack the right shoes and accessories for a short weekend jaunt.  So, you can imagine that it’s even more difficult to pack efficiently so that cross country movers can make long distance relocation easy. 
With a little thought and planning, you can make any packing endeavor a stress-free experience. Summon your inner fashionista and download a checklist from the Container Store website to help you get started. Packing your clothes in vacuum-sealed storage bags helps to save space and prevent insects, moisture or odor from damaging your outfits. By carefully folding and arranging your clothes, you can minimize wrinkling and arrive at your destination ready to step out on the town, get to class or go to work.
Take Inventory
When you make a big move, take the opportunity to clean out clothes that no longer fit you, clothes your roommate left behind or clothes your grandmother gave you in eighth grade. Take inspiration from the Clos-ette website and be ruthless. Don’t be sentimental. You really don’t need those jeans from high school anymore. Donate clothes you don’t want to a homeless shelter and experience the rush of altruism. It’s a double win. To make decisions about what to keep, go through your clothes and decide:
·                           Will you ever wear the item again?
·                           Would you buy the article of clothing again?
·                           Have you worn it in the last year?
·                           Is the item in good condition?

Categorize Clothes
Once you’ve got your keepers, organize your clothes and accessories in smaller piles so you can pack them most efficiently. Gather all your shirts, pants, skirts and dresses into separate piles. Follow the tips from Fodor's when you move or travel so you can keep your clothes clean, dry and wrinkle-free:
Ø      Keep your most expensive dry-cleaned items, including suits and evening wear, in their bags and on their hangers. Linen and cotton tend to wrinkle easily. Polyester tends to pack well and resist wrinkles. Silk absorbs moisture, so take care when packing it.
Ø      Put your shoes, jewelry and other smaller items in zip-top plastic bags. This keeps pairs together!
Ø      Roll up your t-shirts, workout sweats and jeans to save space.
Ø      Fold bulky sweaters and other tops. For each item, button any buttons and lay the item face down. Lay the arms across the body of the item. Fold up the bottom and then fold down the top, overlapping the first fold. Need inspiration? Think about those chain retail-clothing shops! Arrange your clothes by color or fabric type if you really want to be organized – that might be overdoing it?
Ø      Roll up socks and throw away any orphans. Only pairs make the move!
Ø      Buy mesh laundry bags to pack your underwear, lingerie, pantyhose and tights.

By labeling your boxes, you’ll be able to find your clothes easily once you reach your destination. Using a simple checklist, you can ensure that you bring everything you want and need to be comfortable, confident and coordinated.

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