Jun 7, 2012

dreaming of planning a garden party - food, fountains, and magical moments

Lately I've been thinking about garden parties and what kind of decor, food, desserts, and fountains I would have if I hosted one. My garden in Utah is gorgeous (well essentially it is my parents and brother who do the hard work), but I love seeing all of the flowers bloom and spending time in it every summer. The only thing we have missing is a garden fountain, which I think would complete our garden and make it look absolutely stunning. Which in my opinion it already is beautiful with its flowers and other charming elements, but adding a garden fountain would certainly add to the already gorgeous appearance.

If I had a choice of garden fountains I think I would choose something like this, because it is so elegant and has the perfect features. I can just see it nestled into our garden and it would most definitely look beautiful during a garden party, don't you think?
Once my garden is all set with beautiful flowers and the perfect fountain, I would begin to plan out what kind of desserts I would want. I've been really good about not eating dessert lately, because since I've been in CA I've tried to maintain a strict diet so I can shed some of those lbs. Easier said than done though. But since I'm staying away from the treats doesn't mean I can't blog about some treats! Here is one dessert that make me drool and it looks so delicious!

What's better than a floral themed cake with pink layers and delicious pink frosting? This cake is so beautiful I don't think I would even want to eat it! Well, actually I would, lol, but it is so beautiful, isn't it?!

Another food item that would be top on my list? Rose sushi!! I can't believe making sushi like this is even possible, but a sushi chef managed to capture what my dream garden sushi would look like, which is pink like a flower and lovely. I want to eat it right now!

Of course I would also want a summer time drink with sprinkles around the glass of like this picture perfectly portrays. I'm excited, this garden party is going to be fun!

With the perfect garden, water features, and yummy food, I think my garden party would be complete. But wait - now I need to my bloggy friends to arrive! Would you like to join in and experience some magical moments in the garden with me?

When would you like to come over 
and be my garden party guests? ;)


  1. This looks wonderful and I'm sure if you had a garden party I would want to go :) The sushi looks fabulous and so yummy.

  2. Count me in! If only I lived closer. I'm sure your Garden party will be a big hit Sierra. :)


  3. What gorgeous inspiration. I have been on the fence about if I wanted to host a garden party this year or not. I think I need to just so I can make that cake! xo

  4. such fun, colorful inspiration! love it!! xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}

  5. Please invite me?! Haha. I want to attend a fabulous garden party...one that lasts from 10am to 10pm. Yes, that long. You got to enjoy every single bit. Even the chillier night time.


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