Jun 27, 2012

Tips for Working Gals - How to Simplify Dressing in the Morning - guest post by Glee

Please enjoy a guest post by Glee while I'm having a mini vaca in Northern CA with my BK!


For eight years I was a career woman in the Education field and on all working days, mornings were the most challenging. Because I was usually overworked, juggling my teaching day job, private tutorials and part-time writing and blogging business, I only had time for me past eleven o´clock at night. And often, I was too tired.

Since I go late to bed, I could hardly get up earlier in the morning to prepare myself for work. But despite my hectic schedule I always made sure that I go to work presentable and stylish, thus I learned important tricks on how to simplify dressing in the morning.

1. Organize Your Closet

organize your closet 
Organizing your closet is advised to every fashionista in order to make the most of what she has. But this is even more important to working gals. When you´re cramming in the morning and your closet isn´t organized, you tend to grab what´s at sight and you also tend to repeat the same looks, making your work outfits very predictable.

The best way to organize your closet is by grouping your clothes by color and purpose. Group together all the neutral colored pieces - the whites, the blacks, the browns. Then group together the bright pieces segregating the tank tops, the ready-to-wear tops, and the most versatile pieces. You can also choose to separate the dresses because they´re already complete and simply need little finishing. Your third group would be the “wow!” group. Here belongs the party dresses and bedazzled pieces which you´d wear when it´s time to impress.

Your accessories should also be organized. The scarves need not be stashed together, instead, group them according to colors, sizes and functions. Your belts should be neatly hanged using an accessory organizer so they´re accessible when it´s time to dress up. Identify your best to-go to pieces for times when you need to dress in a very limited time. You need the basic black shoes, basic black bag, and the basic trousers which will always work with anything.

An organized closet simplifies planning an outfit. For example, if you get a floral tank top as the base of a work outfit, you can easily move to the neutral colored side and decide which neutrals will complement the floral top. Then finally, move into the accessory side for the perfect finishing.

2. Plan Your Outfit at Night

planning your outfit at night  
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Because time is very limited in the morning, and especially if you´re required to log in the automated clock before 7:30, it´s helpful to plan your work outfit the night ahead. This gives you more time to think and to be more creative. This also saves you from stress early the next morning.

Now that your closet is already organized, it won´t take long anymore to think for an outfit. It´s now more than functional, thus your creativity has more room flourish. It´s time to think for that little twists and tricks which will add surprises to your working look.

This is the time for you to iron what needs to be ironed and to decide for the perfect shoes to complete your outfit.

3. Prepare and Style Your Hair at Night

doing your hair  
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When I was still in Asia, I used to quickly have my shower in the morning. It was no problem because drying my long hair was quick. But now in Europe, I found it better to prepare my hair at night. This saves me from cramming in the morning drying my long locks.

When at times that you want to wear a different hair look to the office but barely have time to use the straightening iron to straighten your hair or to create wavy or curly hair in the morning, you can do it at night.

One quick trick to wear a curly look the next day without spending hours trying to do it with an iron or curlers is by taking a shower at night and while the hair is wet, braid it into sizes that you prefer. Leave the hair all night and then remove the braid the next morning; you have an instant curly hair.

How do you simplify dressing up in the morning? What other quick tricks do you use for an instant but stylish work look?  

Glee teaches women how to be creative and joyful fashionistas through her blog, Creative Fashion. She believes that gleeful fashionistas are creative and upbeat. Visit her blog for more styling tricks and practical lifestyle tips. She also explores the ways to achieve happiness on extra-challenging marriages at Offbeat Marriage.


  1. Thank you so much for publishing my post, it looks great! :)

  2. Love these tips. To add the the one about braiding hair, if you have really thick hair like me it'll never dry... so I dry it about 3/4 of the way and then braid. Still works! ;o)


  3. Thanks for that tip, Kristen. I don´t really have thick hair and so I missed this tip. :)

  4. Thanks for that tip, Kristin. I agree, for very thick hair it would hardly dry if braided immediately. I don´t really have thick hair so it didn´t come to me ...

  5. Luckily I work from home and don't have to change! By the way, I added your link to my blogroll on that new site of mine that hasn't launched!



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