Jun 18, 2012

Use Incense to bring Aromatherapy for Relaxation into Your Home! - guest post by Roger

Tonight I took some time for me and
had a relaxing bath with a candle lit nearby.
It was so nice to just relax and rejuvenate!
So when I received Roger's guest post it was the perfect
timing really because it reminded me how important
it is to take some time out of your day and relax.
And what better way to relax then with aromatherapy!
Enjoy this guest post by Roger, thanks Roger!


Use Incense to bring Aromatherapy for Relaxation into Your Home! 

The relaxing, healing and therapeutic qualities of aromatherapy are quite well known and trusted by many. Aromatherapy involves the use of natural aromatic woods, fine oils, herbs and resinous products usually in a small comfortable room within your personal space. Aromatherapy provides relief to mental, physical ailments and stress due to the everyday routine!

The best aromatherapy incense is made from rare woods, resinous blends and pure herbal oils. Healing and relaxation is initiated by the release of healing fragrance when skillfully incenses blend are used. Here are some very useful fragrances for various effective results.

1.  Jasmine:

Jasmine will bring an aroma which can aid in a relaxation and calming.
2.    Sandalwood and Frankincense:

Aromatherapy herbal blends with sandalwood and Frankincense have warm and sweet aroma that blends well with bergamot, lavender and rose. These are very sensual and relaxing apart from stimulating the imagination and providing positive emotional effects.
3.    Peppermint:

Menthol present in peppermint extract acts as a mental stimulant. It is also rejuvenating, refreshing and cooling and helps in relieving nausea and travel sickness.
4.    Lavender:

Essential oils present in lavender flowers helps in alleviating insomnia, stress related headaches and other forms of stress. The lavender oil has a sweet floral aroma which helps in achieving healing, balancing and soothing effects when blended with pine oil, rosemary and citrus.
The essential oils as mentioned above are considered as active healing and medicinal components by many people and even by medical experts. Hundreds of combination of these ingredients can be found in the better grades of fine incense, the better quality incense, the better the effectiveness of the ingredients.

The good news is that incense is a much less costly option as compared to other forms of treatments and you never have to leave home.

The burning of incense produces aromas which research has proven to help the brain to release useful chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine which brings about a feeling of happiness and well-being. Using Incense and aromatherapy are believed to bring about improved sleep, relaxation, concentration and enhance levels of meditation and spirituality. 

Enjoy … Namaste’ Roger

Author: Roger Marlow Owner Proprietor of Incense-Incense.com. Your Premier source for the Finest Incense in the World!

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  1. i use incense all the time. my favorites are sandalwood & patchouli. modern day hippie.


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