Jun 19, 2012

Useful Tips on How to Live a Frugal Life Comfortably - guest post by Jonny

Even though it is challenging, I've been trying to get a better grasp on saving money. You all know I love fashion and hence I love to shop, but shopping comes at a price. So instead of shopping, I'm trying to take the much needed steps to save money. So every day I'm creating new goals to save money. I would encourage you to do the same! Enjoy this guest post because it is a great reminder as to how to make a frugal life come true! 

Frugality is something that we must adopt to cope with the topsy-turvy global economy. Today, maintaining a family of 3 or 4 on one’s earning is really difficult. However, a well-planned, strict and frugal budget can help you meet your financial goals as well as running your family comfortably. Whether shopping, traveling, meeting your kids’ expectations or anything else, frugality is the best way to manage the cash crunches cropped up in any aspect of your life. Some people talk about increasing income to handle the rising monetary demands of the life, but it is not possible always. Rather it is better that you start living a frugal life and emphasize on savings. Always remember that money saved is money earned; this is an eternal truth applicable to everybody’s life.  

Enjoy frugal fun

Frugality can be a fun if you can take it in the right spirit. Here are some tips that you can follow to get the frugal fun and at the same time live your life comfortably without spending a fortune. 

·         Collect coupons – With a little sagacity and creativity you can save as much as 25% or sometimes even more on your grocery bills. There are many grocery stores that offer grocery coupons. Find a grocery store in your locality that offers such coupons. Spend some time for clipping those coupons for the grocery stuff that you purchase regularly. This rule is also applicable to any item that you buy from a departmental store as most of such stores offer coupons to their customers. Cash back facility is also offered sometimes. If you want to save more on your shopping bill, you can switch to online shopping. There are many cash back websites that offer cash back facility for buying any item from any of the online stores listed on their website. You can also find coupon websites that offer saving coupons as well as freebies.

·         Avoid eating out – Eating out is no doubt a fun, but at the same time expensive. You can have the same fun at your home. Arrange a candle light dinner in the yard or terrace with your favorite dishes cooked at home and have the fun of eating out. Your kids will also love the idea.  Search the Internet for recipes of your favorite dishes and cook it by your own. When you can cook same delicious dishes that you buy from outside for hundreds of dollars, then why should you spend so much? 

·         Become a member of local library – Nothing can be more entertaining than books and movies. Unfortunately, buying books or movies is very expensive option of entertainment. Why don’t you go to the local library and become a member? Most libraries are equipped with latest as well classic movies and books. You can get any of them for as low as one dollar. However, make sure you return the stuff damage-free.

·         Pay bills online – Start paying your utility bills online and avoid late payments and thus penalties. Moreover, if you pay online, you can avail some discounts from the concerning authority. 
Frugality is something that does not take anything, but gives mental peace of staying out of debt. Frugal life ensures a stress-free life without compromising with your wishes. 

Author’s bio – Jonny Pean is a veteran finance writer. He writes for many online finance communities like easyfinance.com. He helps people to resolve their credit card problems and also problems related to home equity loan, personal loans, and other loans.

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