Jul 4, 2012

baby you're a firework

I'm having deja vu that I might have talked about Katy Perry a year ago on the 4th of July, but if I did I'm about to do it again! ;)
Happy 4th of July lovelies! I'm now in Utah again after spending more than a month in CA. I'll be back in CA again in about a month, so until then I'm going to spend time with my family, work (of course), and enjoy the summer time. I'm happy and excited.
I'm also excited to start blogging more regularly. I know I've been absent and filling in my holes with guest posts (fabulous ones at that but I'm biased), but now I'm going to start blogging more frequently because nothing makes me happier! I realize that I blog for everyone else but I need to make more time to blog for me. So with that being said, I'm going to start with a review of the movie Part of Me {which I thought was appropriate since Katy inspires us to shine and it is the 4th of July!! } 
{taken at the theater when I went to the fan sneak peek on the 2nd}

I thought the movie was really good. I had never really seen a "documentary" of a singer before, so it gave me a fresh new perspective in regards to how they are filmed. I thought this film did a great job at capturing a little bit of everything, from Katy's passion for music, her doomed marriage to Russell Brand (hate to say that but it's true), her Teenage Dream tour, her family life, and her lovely personality. 
It was refreshing to see a glimpse of the true Katy and she seems very kind, funny, sweet, and down to earth. I found myself wishing for her success and felt very empathetic for her when she explained her hard times. I also loved her interacting with her grandmother. Not only is her grandma a crack up, she has the type of personality that you want every elderly person to have - full of life and laughter. By the way, Katy is hilarious too! I think if I were to hang out with her I would be laughing all of the time and that's awesome.
If you're looking to watch Katy sing a song in its entirety in Park of Me it's not going to happen because the producers manage to weave the songs in between interviews and fan reviews. Some people may not like this, but I think it works well. It wouldn't be a documentary if they took 5-10 minutes at a time of only showing songs. I do think they did a great job with editing and allowing us to know a side of Katy that was not known before.
There are also raw moments when she breaks down in tears before a show in Brazil over the end of her marriage with Russell. Later she honesty and quite vulnerably tells us what went wrong: she's still a baby she says and "babies can't have babies." That's well put Katy I remember thinking - just when I thought I should settle down, get married, and have kids too {peer pressure!}, I was reminded yet again that I am a baby too and it's okay to wait. FYI Katy is 27 just like me.

Ironically I actually had tickets to her Dream Tour but was in a different state at the time so I unfortunately had to sell them. So it was nice to see parts of her tour and I'm sure the entire concert will come out on DVD down the road as well. The fairy tale and candy land of sorts that she dreamed up and brought to life was amazing and her costumes?! I love her costumes. Check out her peacock costume = amazingness.
Another thing that stuck with me, which I may get into more in a future post, is her hair! I'm always in awe how she can actually dye her hair blue or pink. I honestly don't know how her hair takes it, but she looks stunning however she does it. I think we're currently experiencing a Katy hair generation because now that she has shown America that it is okay to be you, everyone is showing their true colors, quite literally! ;) This includes colored hair and all! I love it and I love that she's not afraid to back down. She continues to set great goals and follows her heard. After all, she reminds us all that "baby you're a firework." I'm sure Katy needs to remind herself every once in a while that she's a firework too. 
So on this 4th of July, let's not forget that we are a firework. We were born to shine, just like Katy. Of course for most of us this doesn't mean becoming a pop star who has 5 hits from one record (she's the first one EVER) to do this by the way. We can shine in our own way, by being a mother, nurse, friend, sales person, writer, or whatever your profession or job may be. 
After the movie I had the option to pick up a fun Katy poster that reminds me of her darling look - a pin up girl with a vintage flair and bold and colorful style too! Even though I have nowhere to put a poster, I grabbed one and smiled to myself when I saw young girls look at me with a smile too. Hey - I'm 27 and I can be a Katy fan too, I thought. So I snapped a photo of my Katy 3D glasses and the poster and posted it on my Instagram and Facebook page. So what if I'm 27 and a Katy fan?! ;) Take a look:
{taken via my Instagram}

So on this 4th of July, I'll think of Katy and how she inspires me to follow my dreams and never back down because baby, I'm a firework! ;) You are a firework too ocean dreamers!


  1. Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July!!

  2. Gahhhh I can't wait to see that movie!! Hopefully, I'll get to see it this weekend.

    I hope you have an amazing fourth of July with magical celebrations. xoxo

  3. shes so pretty :)
    happy 4th of july!!!

  4. Great post Sierra! Katy and her music is always fun even for us gals a bit over the bubble gum timeframe. LOL

    Hope you had a great holiday and look forward to reading your blog posts! xo


  5. Great post! Love Firework by her because it so reminds me of the fact that I am doing whatever I am doing for myself and not for anyone else. My life is my life and not someone else's. It's a great song, with a great message.
    Not sure if I'm going to see this movie...but we shall see.

    Glad you are back with regular posts too.
    Hope your 4th of July was fun.


  6. I love Katy and I've been wanting to see this movie! I want to see it even more now :) She has such a sweet personality.


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