Jul 7, 2012

a frother machine is not only for lattes! - guest post by Halle

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So I know I said that I would be taking a break from accepting guest posts for a while, but my lovely friend Halle has been planning on submitting a guest post for a while and I couldn't be happier to have here on my blog today! ;) I personally don't drink coffee and I'm lactose intolerant (lol), but after reading her post that's all about a delicious frother, I wish I drank coffee and I suppose I could use soy milk as a substitute! ;) Plus, she mentioned that you could make other drinks besides a latte, etc., so I must look into this!

Enjoy Halle's guest post about her current frother review aka delicious drink obsession - sounds delish! ;)

Thanks Halle for your guest post!

Hello everyone! I'm Halle, and I write the Classic Glam Blog.

I'm so excited to be guest posting here at Ocean Dreams for today!

I have been wanting one of these for a long time. These little machines can really transform a drink and add that foam that we all love so much. A frother can make your at-home Starbucks even more authentic. I recently purchased this one & I absolutely love it; especially how budget friendly it is.

A common misconception is that these are used solely used for cappuccinos/lattes. However, these can be used for anything (usually that includes some form of milk) to froth it up! You can always add some ice to make it more of a summer drink. Below is a recipe I got from Capresso for a hazelnut drink.

1 cup whole milk 
2 Tbs. Nutella
Froth together

How easy is that? I made it the other day and it was really good :) I added some ice because it was a perfect 80ƒ day! 

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  1. Whoa Whoa Whoa! this sounds too good, I am trying this when I get home!!

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