Jul 2, 2012

Review of the New Cloud Nine Straighteners - guest post by Rebecca

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I finally get a break from traveling, so this is the last guest post that you'll see for a while! My goal is to get back into blogging and use my blog home as a creative outlet for me to write once more! I recognize that I've been pretty absent but the good news is that is about to change! Hope you are all doing well and enjoy this guest post by Rebecca. See you back here tomorrow! ;)


Cloud Nine straightening irons are perfect for every hair type and every person's particular type of hairstyle. These irons feature the latest technologies and enable users to create the hottest hair trends with a few simple tools. These irons are able to provide styling for a wide range of hairstyles, which include curls, smooth and sleek styles, flicks, and stick straight hair. These highly sophisticated irons enable users to choose between three heat settings to enable them to tailor it to their particular type of hair as well as the hairstyle they are creating. The three heat settings available are high, medium, and low. These setting are easy to change with one touch of a button.

The Original Cloud Nine Iron
The Original Iron retails for £129.95. This is the first straightening iron product launched by Cloud Nine. This iron boasts numerous features that make it unique, state of the art, and provides professional results. The one touch temperature control enable the appropriate heat setting to be chosen for whatever hairstyle is being created. The hibernation mode is a neat feature that causes the iron to cool down when it has not been used for a period of time. The black ceramic plates enable hair to glide through and enhance the sleekness and shininess of the style. This iron also keeps safety in mind. A swivel cord is provided, which prevents the user from becoming entangled with the cord as well as a protective heat guard. This product also is compatible internationally, having international voltage, as well as are shipped with a Euro plug and UK fitting. A two year warranty is also included to ensure the purchased product is protected.
The Wide Iron
The wide iron provides all the same features as the original iron with one added bonus. This additional bonus is that the black ceramic plates are wider. This enables the stylist to style larger sections of hair, making hair styles come together in even less time. The Wide Iron retails for £129.95.

The Micro Iron
The Micro Iron is a small, travel version of the Original Iron. This iron has many of the same features as the original iron, but does not have the swivel cord option or the one touch temperature control. This iron retails for £54.95.

The Wand
The Wand retails for £119.95. It is a state of the art curling wand that shares the quality construction and technology as the line of straighteners produced by Cloud Nine. The Wand has a ceramic coated barrel and the same one touch temperature controls found on the straighteners. This tool is also capable of hibernation mode as well as being equipped with the swivel cord.

Rebecca jones has worked in the hair fashion industry for over 5 years, reviews lots of hair straighteners designs over the years. Visit her site at http://www.haircarehelp.co.uk/.

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