Aug 5, 2012

Anastasia Seen and Be Seen Makeup Kit Review

I'm fashionably late in posting this review, but I am loving my Anastasia Seen & Be Seen makeup! I was sent this delightful makeup kit by Anastasia and not only did I receive some amazing lip gloss, eyebrow gel, and eye shadow, I received a fun little photo accessory too. ;)

My fun photo wheel contains images from lovely stars and Anastasia said it best in their description: “Who’s the Boldest of Them All” image featuring bold brow beauties Audrey Hepburn and Lily Collins from the new movie Mirror Mirror and some high resolution digital files of the picture wheel images that come with the 3D Viewmaster. {I have not seen this movie yet but now that it is out I will be watching it asap!} Have you seen it?
I love Anastasia's products because they are not only cruelty free, but the glosses are amazing! I'm nearly done with one of my glosses already and that's because I use it more than I use my lipstick. It glides on smoothly and makes my lips look fresh and pretty during the summer time. Plus, it hydrates and keeps my lips full when the dry weather here in Utah threatens to dry my lips out. 
The kit I received to review came with the following:
  • Hydrafull Gloss in Heiress and Plastic
  • Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel
  • Illumin8 Eye Shadow Duo in On Set
Because the Seen and Be Seen kit comes with pink glosses, I decided to pair my makeup with a tropical dress. ;) Hence the tropical dress in my photo collage above. If you look closely at the picture you'll see that my lip gloss definitely matches my shirt and the pink tones in my dress. Yep, I definitely like to stay color coordinated all the way, even when it comes to matching the colors my my dress ha ha. ;) Oh, which reminds me... Anastasia created this fun collage of some of their products (including the hydrafull gloss which is in the kit and the lash genius which I have also reviewed before), and I love how the makeup compliments the celebs and their outfits. I had to share this one in particular! Gotta love Blake and Zooey! ;)

P.S. The lip glosses are water proof! Perfect for your pool time relaxing or at least that's what I'll be doing soon in Arizona. ;)

I also love my eye shadow from Anastasia as well. It comes with the perfect shimmery color of beige and also contains another color which is more of a gold bronze color that's perfect to use as we're heading into fall time. It also works well to wear on your eyelids during the summer time too! I love putting on my eye shadow primer followed by their eye shadow and it definitely makes me feel pretty. Plus, it's a nice product that definitely highlights your eyes and compliments the rest of the makeup that's on your face too.
The Seen and Be Seen kit is now for purchase on their website! 
You can find it here