Aug 9, 2012

Barcelona night life - guest post by Elena

I went to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain when I was 16. I can't believe it's almost been 12 years! What I remember was a lot of beautiful art, culture, and vibrant colors. However, I was too young to experience the night life. After reading this guest post, however, I'd love to experience the night life!

Enjoy this guest post by Elena and I'm sure you'll feel like traveling to Barcelona for the first time, or in my case the second time! I would love to create new memories there!

For young tourists visiting Barcelona, there are plenty of venues to visit to experience Barcelona’s night life.  Barcelona is a fast moving and vibrant city in Spain, and the city doesn’t sleep just because the sun goes down.  You will find many restaurants, bars and clubs where you can experience the great party atmosphere of Barcelona.  Many places are open all night, and you will need to pace yourself to keep up with the fiestas of Barcelona before going back to your holiday apartments Barcelona.
Las Rambias is a neighborhood within Barcelona.  It is well known for its popularity and is a hub for shoppers in the day times with many high street stores, but at night, the area becomes filled with partygoers and fun.  Las Rambias is often the place of trade for the street entertainers, so just walking through the neighborhood at the start of your night will be an entertaining experience. It looks very much like the old town in the capital of Spain and you will easily find where to stay in Madrid. You can visit one of the many beautiful and tempting restaurants on the boulevard, and fill your stomach before moving on to more adventurous things.  Of course, the food of choice in Spain is tapas, and if you are in a group you will enjoy the novelty of having Mediterranean cooking served in sharing platters for the whole party. 

After you have eaten, you can continue onto the bars in the vicinity of the neighborhood and the high end cocktail bars include the Boadas bar, Kiosk La Cazalla and the Sports Bar Rambles which all give you a professional, modern and classy start to your evening.  Las Rambles has one or two clubs too, including the Boulevard Club, however this location is usually where you would visit as gentle a start to a night of hard partying, or a location where you can relax for a few drinks with friends.  If you want to party through the night like the locals do, then you should move on from Las Rambles.
If you crave the British pubs, then there are several places where you can experience Irish and British style nightlife.  One such place is Flaherty’s.  For up market places where you can meet singles, there are many side streets in the gothic quarter of Barcelona where you will find such venues as La Divina and Stoke Bar.  You can then move on to the nightclubs that the tourists usually frequent.  In the gothic quarter, you will find Jamboree and Sidecar, which are the cheaper clubs where tourists will visit to drink and have a great time.

If you have a little more cash in your pocket, then you could visit El Born.  Be prepared for the locals here, and possibly a language barrier, as this is where the tourists usually don’t do.  Here, you will find more traditional bars to Spain as well as some great clubs such as Cat bar and the Coppelia club.
Wherever you visit for your night out in Barcelona, you will have plenty of fun.  Just don’t forget to set your hotel’s “do not disturb” sign for the morning!

Thanks Elena!


  1. I love Barcelona and am looking forward to going back one day. Hopefully soon again!!!

  2. Barcelona is one of my favourite city's. I visited a few years ago and absolutely loved it.


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