Aug 13, 2012

office space wants

Hi Ocean Dreamers, 

I hope you are having a good start to your week! 
I'm getting ready to head to CA for about a week and a half and I'm so excited!

Whenever I head back to CA I start dreaming about having a home 
of my own when I'm finally able to move back there full time, 
instead of being a traveling gypsy. {Which I love by the way!}

When BK and I do have a home, I would love to have a work space
that I can decorate to my heart's content. I would love to utilize wall decals,
a pretty weight holder, pictures of my favorite fashion illustrations, and more!
Not to mention I am obsessed with vintage books, brick walls (or floors),
and vintage chairs with colored fabric. I could go on and on!
Another element I would love to incorporate would be a logo fountain with
my business name on it: Paige One. Logo fountains 
are awesome because you can personalize them with
your own logo and have a tranquil space! I'm getting excited
to decorate already! :)

Since you all know about my obsession with Pinterest, I thought I would
share some picture of office spaces that really get me inspired. 
I hope they inspire you too.
P.S. click on the photos and they will take you to the source.

I am in love with this interior because of the turquoise cushions on the
chair and the pink decal on the wall! It is very clean and tidy and the I 
also love the flowers. What a lovely office space!
There are so many things in this office that I love that I can't even tell
you everything! For starters I love the pastel coloring, the beautiful desk
design, and the fact that this room can be used as an office space
and a craft room simultaneously. Plus - don't even get me started
on the maiden form behind the desk and the vintage typewriter! {Swoon}
I'm loving this space because it's so lush and calming looking. The green 
and pink totally make the room come together and all of the plants
are perfectly placed, don't you think?
Now this space isn't my cup of tea, but isn't it so super cool?! 
I love the use of space in this interior and the funky drapes paired
with the brick wall backdrop is just amazing. Plus - can we just
take a minute and admire the chairs?! 
Last but not least, this pink office space is definitely office worthy! I love how 
the shades of purple and pink come together so perfectly and
the clear glass back on the chair?! So amazing. I think
I would feel extremely happy working in a space like this,
that's for sure.

So what do you think of these office spaces?
If you work at home, would you want an office space like any of these?
Share in my office joy and dream with me!
One day I'll be able to reveal to you my dream office space,
thanks to these inspiring office space wants.

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  1. i seriously dream of home owning on a daily basis, oh i can't wait to have a space of our own to decorate!

  2. I want a dreamy office space too someday! Especially that gorgeous one with the black and white drapes. So pretty! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

  3. Oh Sierra your inspiration images are lovely! That would be a dream come true for me to have my own work from home "Fashion" space. In my mind (or thanks to pinterest lol) I have visions of what that would look like. :)

    Have a great week and safe travels friend!


  4. so want my own house...and that office space with that huge heart is beyond amazing.


  5. I love the heart office!!

  6. aFREAKINGmazing pictures!!! i want my house to look like this!!!

    love k

  7. I'd love an office space one day too. :o)


  8. Such fabulous work spaces! I cannot even pick a favorite because I love them all!

  9. Love all the ones you've chosen! Each one has something different - whether it's two bold colours, or a rustic feel overall. So pretty! Hope one day I can have an office space as nice as these ones. And a fountain sign sounds SWEET. Hope you have a great weekend :)


Thanks for the comment love! Candy sends you and puppy hello (aka barky bark)!