Aug 12, 2012

only in Arizona...

{picture in AZ that I took in May}

Only in Arizona do you go on a walk and come home...completely drenched with sweat.

Only in Arizona do you get dressed knowing that your clothing will be wet after you come home.

Only in Arizona do you have to apply SPF on your face...otherwise you'll get burned or go home with some extra freckles.

Only in Arizona do you dread going on a walk outside because it will be at least 110 degrees depending on what time of day you go.

Only in Arizona will a warning show up on your smart phone {too smart if you ask me}, telling you to seek shelter because there will be a dust storm soon.

Only in Arizona do you leave the car running with the A/C on while you rent at a movie at Redbox which is right near your car because you want the car to stay cool.

Only in Arizona you're not allowed to take your dog for a walk in the afternoon and in the neighborhood because the asphalt will burn his poor feet. You only have the option of going to the park instead unless you get up at 7AM every morning!

Only in Arizona do you bring a water bottle and cup to pour water into. That way your dog can drink out of  the cup because he's dehydrated...only after a half an hour walk at the park in the afternoon.

Only in Arizona is the pool too hot to go swimming in!

Only in Arizona do you have to wear sunscreen wherever you go otherwise you better expect a bad sunburn. Oh and this includes laying out at the pool. Duh.

Only in Arizona are you pooped for the rest of the day from a single half an hour walk in 110 degree weather in the morning.

Only in Arizona do you become a couch potato because it's just way to hot to go outside. Period.

Only in Arizona do you forget to pack deodorant for your trip {I did this}, and then have to stink for an entire day until you go to Target and get this most valuable accessory. ;)

Only in Arizona do you wish you were freezing cold when you're standing outside because you feel like you're going to be hot soup any second.

Only in Arizona do you get attacked by flies while you're eating in a restaurant with open seating because they're just as hungry and tired of the heat as you are.

Only in Arizona will you accidentally forget your sunglasses at home {yep, I did this too} and you have to buy a $16 pair at Target. Oh, and a case as well because you manage to forget or misplace your sunglasses every. single. place. you go to.

Only in Arizona do you continuously rent Redbox movies because you'd rather be inside than getting your exercise and socializing outdoors.

Only in Arizona do you find yourself preferring to workout with Jillian Michaels as opposed to going to the gym. Oh wait - does standing outside in the 110 degrees weather count as a workout?!

Only in Arizona...I could go on and on! 

I'm loving AZ, but it is SO SO hot!! I hope you enjoyed catching up on my descriptions of this killer heat, even though I'm loving my aunt and uncle's sweet Maltese pup that I'm dog sitting!
{via my Instagram, of Tikko}


  1. a friend of mine for many years lives in Arizona. She was born and raised there and moves away for awhile and then goes back.

    It is really hot but a beautiful place.

  2. It's the same here!! We are in the dessert and so many of those apply to here too. Yuck!!

  3. Sooooo wanna go to Arizona right now. I am NOT kidding!!!

  4. I have never been to Arizona! Love the design of your blog!

  5. Oh wow. It sounds dreadful. Lol. I have a couple of cousins who live in Phoenix. I'm always trying to make plans to visit them during summer vacay and they are both like "NO! You'll regret it!" hahaha.


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