Aug 1, 2012

Perfect Locks hair review: reviewing and revealing my new tresses with clip on hair extensions

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It's been a while since I teased you about my longer locks in my blowing in the wind post, but now I am finally going to tell you all about them! No, my hair didn't suddenly grow super long...I got clip on hair extensions! I was fortunate to receive hair extensions to review from Perfect Locks and since I've secretly been wanting my hair to grow back for quite some time {since I donated them to Locks of Love over a year ago}, the opportunity to review these clip on hair extensions came at the perfect time! My hair has actually grown back quite a bit, but I'm still working on my growth so implementing hair extensions has been fun. Also, learning how to put them in my hair and then style my hair with the extensions in my hair has been an enjoyable experience too.
So without further adieu, here is my review of my Wavy Colored Clip On Human Hair Extensions.

When I first received the hair extensions from Perfect Locks, I was in awe of their beautiful packaging and quality of the hair. The hair extensions are 100% human hair and are excellent quality. The site describes these clip on extensions better than I could: "The cuticles are completely intact so the hair will never matte or tangle like other cheap hair extension brands. The hair has gone through a chemical process to achieve the color, however the quality is excellent and the ends are natural. You can wash, condition, and style them any way you desire."
I've never used hair extensions prior to this, so I decided to make an appointment with my hair stylist at my hair salon in Utah. I wanted her to show me how to clip in the hair extensions correctly and I learned it takes a lot more time to put hair extensions into your hair than you would think! She separated my hair into different sections, starting with the bottom section of my hair near the nape of my neck and then she moved her way up. The clip ons were fairly easy to clip into my hair and my hair stylist was smart because she told me to back comb each section of hair prior to clipping in each pice of the hair extensions (it comes with a 10 piece set).
Placing the clip on hair extensions in your hair is actually very strategic and separating my hair section by section was fun and watching my hair stylist place the extensions in each section of hair was a great visual as well (if you need a visual I would recommend hopping on YouTube and looking for a tutorial there). Now one thing I want to point out is that my hair is growing out so all of my hair colors did not match (the extensions are platinum blonde and my hair is more of a honey blonde), but I was okay with that. I ended up having an ombre hair look that I really love and it was so much fun having long and wavy locks for the day! I'm excited to have this long haired look in the future too!
One thing about hair extensions (any hair extensions, including clip on extensions), is that it's smart to get them cut and layered into your hair. Otherwise they will look uneven and won't blend into your hair correctly. I got about 1" cut off of my extensions (one one or two of the pieces), so now whenever I wear them they will blend in nicely in with the rest of my hair.
I love having the option of wearing clip on hair extensions because they're something I will wear occasionally. I definitely plan on wearing them for fun occasions because they add something extra to my overall appearance and plus, I love the option of having really long locks!
I highly recommend clip on hair extensions from Perfect Locks! Not only are they high quality, but you can curl, straighten and style them just like your normal hair! If you want to thicken up your locks or just have some more length, clip on hair extensions are definitely the way to go.

Connect with Perfect Locks:
Link to my Wavy Colored 18" Clip On Extensions


  1. Can´t tell it´s hair extension at all. Looks very polished like just your own. :)

  2. Your hair looks so gorgeous. I would never have guessed they were extensions. I've wanted to try extensions for some time now, so I think I will.

  3. It looks very natural, I would have no idea it wasnt all your hair!

    xoxo Bree

    The Urban Umbrella

  4. They look really good on you. I have super long thick hair and I can never get it to curl like that... curled extensions would help but then I'd have WAY too much goin on. lol


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am loving your blog...and your ring in this post!

    Have a great weekend!



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