Aug 19, 2012

sea foam and cupcakes (plus my weekend update & inspire me healthy link ups)

I made it to sunny CA and it is hot here too! For some reason it feels hotter here than Arizona, but that may be just because we don't have that much A/C in the apartment and the humidity makes it seem all the more hotter. However, despite the heat I'm having a blast! I just saw my amazing friend Selma a few days ago and BK and I are working away and heading out to get some delicious food at some of my favorite local places at least every couple of days.
{ ocean and cupcake pic taken at Oceanside }

With all of my traveling I wasn't able to update you on  my weekly Inspire Me: Health link up this past Thursday {I know posting a cupcake right above this and doing a health link up is an oxymoron ha ha}, but I'm still definitely making some improvements! I tried pilates twice this week (for the first time), and even though I haven't lost weight yet I feel like I am doing a better job at working out. Pilates was a lot of fun and a LOT of work, but I liked it. I'll be trying a few more cardio classes and also will be heading to the gym. I've also been drinking a lot of water, which has helped my skin a lot I've noticed. Water is always a great cleanser to get your skin in great condition.
This week I'm working on being consistent with working out but in all honestly I still need to be better with eating. I like to snack WAY too much!! Unfortunately I didn't lose a single pound this week but I know it's because I didn't try as hard as I know I can. That's what I will be working on for this week (eating right) and I will report back on Thursday. :) Oh and all of that food down there below needs to go buh-bye. Not healthy at all. 

Head on over to THIS lovely lady's blog {All in My Twenties}to link up and find some inspiration as well. Plus, don't forget to encourage her because she's already lost 10 pounds!! Whohoo!!


So since my activities with Selma and BK counts as my *weekend* 
since I didn't do much this past actual weekend,
I'm totally counting this as my weekend update link up post! 
Lol. I know - two link ups in one post?! 
Yep, I'm random that way. 
So head on over to Join the Gossip's blog to link up tomorrow, Monday.
{ stolen from Selma's Instagram with permission
 of course - thanks lovely, he he! }

So for my *weekend*, Selma and I were able to go to Oceanside {see the cupcake and ocean picture up top} and we had a wonderful time. We also went to Downtown Disney and the Carlsbad Premium Outlets.  We were beat by the end of the day to say the least. The shops near the Oceanside beach were not fabulous, but we went there to check out the pier and walk by the water. It was beautiful. Here's a collage I made of the excursion {top two pics of Downtown Disney}:
I even made time to stop by my favorite boba place Cha for Tea along the way before I picked up Selma! It was a wonderful day. I was itching to get out for some time (even though I got out in AZ), but I needed a girlfriend to get out and have some fun with. Of course Selma and I always have a wonderful time! 
Above you'll see an amazing cupcake that I got at the outlets, a salad from Ruby's, my tea from Cha for Tea, and some chips and salsa from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants that I went to with BK yesterday.

Selma and I went to the outlets, as I already mentioned, and it was so much fun! I loved the Carlsbad Premium Outlets (it also was my first time going there). I found a few CK tee-shirts for BK (that I already gave to him as an early birthday present lol), a CK (Calvin Klein) tee-shirt for myself, a Bebe tee for myself and a few items from Downtown Disney as well. I probably shopped a little too much but had so much fun.

The Disney Couture clothing is my absolutely favorite, hence why I fell in love with this tee shirt that can be found here:
I actually bought a very similar tee shirt to the tee that you see above.
My tee shirt that I bought at Downtown Disney 
does not look like this top above but is very similar. 
Disney Couture has amazing tee shirts if you want to check 
out their website. I'm tempted by their fashion daily. 

P.S. I really wanted this top below, but did not get it.
Since this post is getting long, I'll leave you with a picture I had fun adding some photo features to via a photo application on my phone. This is a Cinderella print that I saw in Disney Vault 28's display. It totally caught my eye so naturally I snapped a picture of it.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Next post?! A guest post followed by a GIVEAWAY!
{P.S. sorry for my funky spacing. I tried centering and then changed 
my mind which turned into a sporadically spaced post.}


  1. Sounds like you're having a great trip! Eating cupcakes on the beach sounds amazing.
    Good luck with the working out and becoming healthier. I've added more fruit to my diet and am drinking more water.

  2. Wow that sounds like the absolute perfect weekend! That cupcake with the gummy bears looks particularly delicious. :) I want that Disney balloon shirt too!

  3. Haha, I look like one huge mess...but it was windy. :)
    Eating cupcakes is always good lady...even when making sure you don't over do it. ;)

    Still haven't eaten anything sweet since I've been back. WOW. Well, okay I had the lemon loaf, but I don't count that. lol I'm thinking of cupcakes or cookies or ice cream. Hahahaha..


  4. I LOVE the mickey shirt. OMG, I want it now! haha


  5. That cupcake looks amazing! Sounds like a great weekend to me; and I think you're making awesome progress with trying out new things like pilates and trying to snack less. It's all about making small choices that turn into everyday things :) You can do it!

  6. I just tried commenting but I'm not sure if it went through, buuuut that cupcake looks amazing and I think you're making awesome progress with fitness; I wish I was better at pilates but it's great that you're trying it out! It's all about small choices that turn into everyday things. You can do it :)

  7. Hey Sierra,
    Stopping by to send some love! Your pics on Instagram are great and love following your ventures. Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer. HUGS!



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