Sep 27, 2012

be fashionable while spending less - guest post by Agnes

Saving money by making careful choices for what we will purchase is known as being frugal. It is currently very important for many people to maintain a frugal lifestyle, due to our complex economy. Thankfully, you do not need to sacrifice being fashionable for being frugal, since there are many ways to keep to your budget while buying great clothing items.

Think Carefully About Every Purchase You Make

It is crucial that you consider what you are planning on buying, and determine if it is something that you are buying because you actually will wear it several times, or if you are buying it for another reason. Some people choose an item of clothing because it is a great deal and they will be able to afford other items at the store. Doing this can be a big mistake, and can make you waste money that would be better spent in other ways.

Consider the Quality of the Clothing

Cheap clothing is typically cheap because it is not made to last. It is much better to purchase a sweater that costs a bit more than others in the store, if you know that you will be able to wear it many more times. Surprisingly, going to a thrift shop can be a great idea for frugal shoppers, since you know the items likely have held up over time. They are also less expensive, since they are pre-owned items. Also, you can find items that are in season, as fashion trends often come around again.

Discount Clothing Stores

If you are not into wearing clothing that others wore before you, you can check out the discount department stores. In many of them, you will be able to purchase new clothes for much less money than the retail price. This is because they are often last season's pieces, and they tend to go on sale right after the season ends. The beauty of this is that if you go while there is a sale, you can buy some items for as little as a dollar.

Being frugal should not cost you style and fashion. Bargain shopping for attractive, good quality clothing can be fun and liberating. You do not have to feel guilty for buying something you adore, if you know where and how to shop.

About the Guest Author

Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and supports those ones that offer alternative lifestyles to consumers.  As a frugal living advocate, she recommends Daily Bread for those fashion conscious individuals who want to get big savings in shopping for food and food storage.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree here. Think before you buy it. I always say to myself "do you really need it? Or is it just something "cute" you want to have but probably will never wear?!" I usually have to answer with "no, and yes" so I walk away. ;) And if I do buy I try to go with the better quality. :)

    Great post!!!


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