Sep 14, 2012

confessions of a freelancer

As you all know I’ve wanted my own office space for a while and depending on where I move (California is the goal), I’d love to consider my own office space to rent. I love that the sky is the limit at this point and I can go wherever I’d like! In fact, there’s even a downtown Austin space for rent if I want to spend time with my bloggy friend Rochio. As I said, the sky is the limit and I love that. However, besides just dreaming about my very own office space, there are a few things I need to work on, like staying productive.

Let’s be honest, being productive when you are a freelancer is challenging. You don’t get into trouble from a “boss” if you accidentally end up on Pinterest because you are your own boss, which has its pros and cons. Since I’m a social media specialist for part of my work, I also am on Facebook quite frequently. Do you know what amount of self control it takes for me to only get on Facebook to only do what I need to be doing for a client without heading over to my bestie’s page?! A lot.But I digress…

So I definitely need to work on setting up business hours and sticking with them and NOT get distracted by my fun social media sites. I also have this bad habit of watching TV shows while I work. I turn on The Vampire Diaries (fave show by the way), Glee, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (don’t judge, I grew up watching this show), and sometimes I get distracted while I’m writing or tweeting. Okay, let’s be honest - most of the time when I’m watching a favorite show I will get distracted by a favorite scene or staring into Stefan’s deep vampire eyes wishing he was mine. Oh wait – did I just say that out loud??

Don’t worry, if it’s an important task I certainly will focus, but there are always those days where you just need to relax, right? Well, this is my version of relaxation. I end up working from 10am to 10pm because I don’t turn off the tube and make myself work a set amount of hours. Baaaad idea. However, when I’m around BK I’m really productive because he is super disciplined and gets on me if I watch too much TV. I absolutely appreciate this, but I miss my single freelance girl behavior when I’m on my own, lol.

Today is one of those days where I don’t have any distractions, well, minus the Pandora radio playing in the background. It feels great to get a lot of work done and when I’m under a tight deadline I definitely don’t have distractions because otherwise I’ll be up half the night writing and that’s not fun, now is it? Focus Sierra – focus!

I also need to work on setting up hours for myself. What, hours? For me this would mean getting up at a reasonable hour (ummm 8AM who’s kidding?!) and finishing work at 4 or 5 PM. Is it possible? Yes. Is it possible for me? Time will tell. Yes my friends, having your own business is amazing, but not getting distracted is an entirely different matter. I think it’s time to consult with stat and get going on having my own space. Oh, and it won’t include a television or a cute little dog distracting me. ;)

What distracts you when you are working?


  1. Haha you just described my life. I'm a freelancer too and while it's fun to set my own hours, I find myself playing all day and then rushing to get stories done until 4 a.m. I have no set schedule either or self control. It's ridiulous. Another thing I need to work on too!

  2. Hey there lady :) Prepare for a lengthy comment! lol

    Early this year I finally said "enough is enough" and "retired" from my ten year position with a restaurant as a manager.

    My goal was to find some mediocre know, just enough to be able to pay the bills and set some extra, in the mean time, I have been sharpening my skills in crochet work and actually have cash flow evolving from the items I sell! (I can't believe it! ;)

    Anyways, with having these VERY portable obligations (I can go to the park if I want to finish a lace scarf) I thought about how I should go about my "work day" as I am essentially self employed.

    It was when I talked to my mom one morning and she was explaining how she was going to set up the school day in her planner for her students (she home school's her children)...and it struck me! I am a home school graduate also and I mimicked her schedule. Basically I put myself back in "school mode". Early up at 7am for coffee and breakfast, begin around 8am with the lap top to check incoming orders...browse a bit for marketing purposes...and of course, spend a slight amount of time on Pinterest. After a hour or two it is on to the hook and yarn to fix up any orders I received or items I need to stock.

    Mid way through my day ALWAYS varies in routine...but maintaining a consistent, structured start did A LOT more then I thought it would in prepping me for the work I have.

    Just thought I'd share! :) Hope your day goes well!


  3. Girl, I had to "steal" the iPhone-y cupcakes and post them on FB. I love it. :)
    And well, speaking of distractions...just being on the computer is a distraction. I should be working on a paper on word, but no I'm on the internet trying to upgrade stuff and comment and whatnot. I have to remind myself to reward myself afterwards and not during whatever I'm supposed to be doing. I am always going to be strict on myself...ya know hour of paper work, 10 minutes of FB or twitter, and then close those tabs so no updates are heard or seen and continue doing whatever I was doing before. :) Not easy but it's been working so far...somehow. ;)

    great post by the way!!!!



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