Sep 17, 2012

if you keep trying you will never fail

I'm not going to lie. Being healthy for me is a chore. I've definitely improved by working out by trying a variety of classes, but I still struggle with eating too much and not staying in my allotted calorie zone. I've lost 2 pounds, but I'm pretty sure I put them back on again. :( I'm not going to give up hope, however. I've currently found a love for zumba at my gym in Utah and I also am enjoying other fitness related classes and one such class is called Body Attack (and believe me it lives up to its name).

Here are some other ways that I plan on implementing a positive health plan, because even if I may not be shedding the weight, I'm going to one way or another through perseverance and dedication. Because if I keep trying, I know I will never fail. Neither will you!

  • Vitamins and Supplements - Part of staying healthy and being motivated to head to the gym is by eating the correct foods and filling my body with vital nutrients, which also includes taking my vitamins and supplements. I admit I bought vitamins the size of horse pills that I haven't been taking as often as I need to be because I keep on getting distracted by my gummy vitamins, which are great, but aren't the full dosage of what I need to be taking. So - I'm going to change that starting tonight and swallow those dang horse pills because it's good for me.
  • Motivating Clothing - I definitely have this covered. I've stocked up on clothing from Lululemon, Lucy Athletica (don't worry I found stuff during sales), and Target athletic clothing that will keep me motivated. I also found a cute bubble top at Old Navy, which reminds me, I need to get another one because I love it so much but they're currently sold out online! :( See - I really love my workout clothing. Check out my Green Apple shorts and top below. SO comfy. 

  • Leg Doctor - Okay, I know they aren't called a leg doctor, but I really need to take the time and head to a sport's specialist who can figure out what's going on with my leg. I got blood work done and I don't have any blood clots, but now we need to figure out if their is a cyst or some other form of tendinitis going on in my right leg. Then just maybe I'll be able to run again. Just maybe. 
  • Self Help Books - Don't laugh, okay? I happen to like to read self help books and even though I haven't picked one up in a while, I have a few about some pretty sassy ladies who lost some weight and I need to just pick it up and read it, in its entirety instead of just one or two pages. I also would love to read the Fat Flush again (see below). It's a great book that offers nutrition advice and a way to keep the weight off, for good. ;) It's basically my health bible in a nutshell.
{via my Instagram}
  • Kick-Ass Nike Shoes - Another thing that's on my agenda? I plan on using my kick-ass Nike shoes because they are SO amazing. They feel light weight on my feet and also seem to mold around my ankles without coming lose or causing blisters, which my ASICS were doing. Don't get me wrong, I love my ASICS, but the pair I have is too big at the moment so these lightweight Nike shoes are amazing. I love them and nabbed these beauties on sale over the weekend.
{via my Instagram}
  • H20 - Last, but certainly not least, I plan to drink more water because it's good for me and it washes away the impurities, which I need to do more of. I'm currently obsessed with my water tumbler from Target because it keeps my water cold and holds plenty of it. That way I can sip on my water throughout the day and not worry about it getting warm or depleting. {Picture below is of People Water, which is a great organization to give to, via Jef Holm - yessss Emily's Jef}.
{via my Instagram}

So now that I've gushed on all of my health updates - 
how's your mission for health success coming along?

P.S. Congratulations to Michelle - winner of my Paige One End of Summer Giveaway! Michelle, I sent you a tweet on how to claim your prize! ;) Thanks to all who entered.


  1. love the title!

  2. Ummmm those Nikes are ADORABLE! I want a pair!! These are great motivational tips. :)

  3. Love your sneakers...mine look soooo similar! :)

    My health success doesn't exists...haha! Well, ya know, eating healthy and all...tyring my best at least! ;) But sometimes you just gotta enjoy a little cake or two! lol

  4. I agree that it's those little things that totally motivate you to work out. I love my bright nike shoes, love the women's fitness class I attend, and running is a high I love that clears my mind! I just started to take proper vitamins too, cause I know those are important, but I'm so bad about taking them lol

  5. I love that tank top, I should get one and wear it everyday coz even if I live with this mantra, there are days that I tend to forget. So a tank would be a great reminder. :)

  6. LOVE your tips. I find that cute/comfy workout clothes helps to inspire me to actually "work" out, hee hee. ;-)

  7. I really like the Workout clothes.


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