Sep 3, 2012

Lily B. Skincare Hydrating Serum review


When I received the Lily B. Skincare Hydrating Serum I was really excited to try it because it's both cruelty free and made for sensitive skin. Ever since I switched over to bareMinerals last month I've seen a huge improvement in my skin, so naturally (ha ha no pun intended) I wanted to stick with something that would continue to enhance my skin. Lily B. did just that.

The syrum is made of red tea and hyaluronic acid, which targets skin issues like irritation, sun damage, and dehydration. With all of my state hopping this serum has been perfect for me and has kept my skin hydrated and rejuvenated when it does look a bit dryer. Utah and Arizona both have really dry climates, so using a serum is especially important to keep your skin moisturized. When I'm in California I get a little bit of a skin moisture boost, but it's only temporary. Now with Lily B. serum I can keep my skin hydrated no matter where I am. This serum has been an asset to my daily beauty regimen.

Plus...I am super excited that Colbie is their new spokesperson. She's gorgeous inside and out and this is just another reason why I love Lily B. now! Colbie's skin always looks radiant and I'm sure Lily B. is only adding to her radiance. She certainly was glowing when I saw her in concert a few years ago in CA! 
I see a huge improvement in my skin now that I use Lily B., and with my bareMinerals and Lily B. serum combined, my skin almost looks like it is glowing. At least it makes me feel beautiful and that's just the type of beauty product I like to invest in, don't you?! 

Head to Apothica's website and snatch this product up:


  1. Sadly, my skin's sooooo sensitive...I have to be careful with anything I put on. :( Sucks. Even BareMinerals ruins it. :(

  2. well I do love bareMinerals so maybe this will be something good to try also. I'm such a product junkie, love trying new things!

  3. I love finding new products to try! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I love serums - this one sounds wonderful

  5. I've never heard of this brand at all but it sounds like it worked for you! I definitely agree that serums like this are worth a bit more money.


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