Sep 5, 2012

recap of Arizona adventures through Instagram

I always love my time in Arizona and I'm missing it right now, now that I'm back in Utah. When I get an entire week or more to myself in AZ to explore the area and cuddle up on a comfy chair with a Maltese puppy that I adore, I am in heaven. From the sunsets to the shopping, what's not to love about Arizona? Well, besides the heat which I recently blogged about. ;) Just disregard that post...I happen to love Arizona. Here's why via my Instagram:
I love going on walks with Tikko. He's such a happy puppy that's always eager to go on a walk! It's good because it gets me out and about too. One evening we relaxed by the water at the park and I had to snap a few pics. He's always so eager to "smile" for the camera! ;)
Tikko likes to help me with my laundry. He's so cute when he hops on top of my clean laundry! I have problems pulling away the laundry and folding it because he looks so cute! I don't blame him...clean laundry smells good, is warm, and is super soft - perfect for relaxing in and on.
Boba! Yummy! One note to self though: Do NOT drink the boba milk tea again because it will make me sick. :( Sometimes I cheat and eat dairy but in case it was a bad idea. However, the green tea with mango flavoring (NOT milk tea) and boba is amazing. I just can't have the milk tea anymore.

Some of you have asked me what boba tastes like. To answer your question, it tastes like a gummy bear, but it's softer and less chewy. It's made out of a natural root that tastes like sugar (but not super sweet), and some places make their boba out of different ingredients so it really depends. I love gummy bears so I really love boba. Combined with flavored tea is taste soooo good. You should definitely give it a try if you haven't. It's very yummy!
They also have the most amazing sushi restaurants in AZ. I am in LOVE with this sushi roll in particular, which is a california roll with scallops and shrimp on top. Oh, and it is mixed in with some delicious mayo which makes it a little bit naughty, but I don't care because it is simply delish.
{$5 dollar top on sale from Pacsun!}

I always make time to go shopping too when I am in Arizona, whether it's to the nearest mall or Buffalo Exchange and my newest consignment shopping addiction is: Plato's Closet. I need to write a blog post about this, but Plato's Closet is a bit different from Buffalo Exchange, but the one I went to had a TON of jeans and I managed to find a paid of designer jeans for the fall time that regularly go for $300 for $55. More on that later. 
{Free People top for $15 from Buffalo Exchange and it was hardly worn!}
I also made time to make some delicious rainbow cupcakes. This was my third time making rainbow cupcakes, and this time was a success! They definitely went against my diet, but I have a friend in AZ that I was able to give some to so it worked out well. ;) Making cupcakes for me is therapeutic just because I find it relaxing to mix up the cupcake batter and then create the different colors before putting it all into the cupcake wrappers. I loved how this batch turned out!!!
Of course I must leave you with an adorable puppy picture of Tikko...I'm going to miss this furbaby but I will be back in December to dog sit him again. Wow, December?!
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  1. Looks like you had the perfect getaway. I've only been to Arizona once but the bf goes every year to visit his cousin and go to Giants spring training. I might have to crash his boys' weekend next spring!!

  2. Tikko is so adorable I wanna give him a huge hug!! And you inspired me to make my own muffins yesterday if possible. Craving some! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! The dog is the cutest little thing ever!

  4. Such a cute puppy. He does look super happy!


  5. Those cupcakes look beyond delicious! Green tea and mango combo? I'll have to try that next time. My boyfriend loves that place and there are too many options. It takes me forever to decide!


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